Even Hailey Bieber Is Trying the Soft-Matte "Cloud Skin" Trend

The glazed donut queen went matte with her makeup.

Hailey Bieber wearing slicked back bun and diamonds

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After almost a decade of an industry-wide push for glass skin, the time has finally arrived: matte complexions are back in style. Countless stars have been hitting the red carpet with their own take on soft skin, and the latest celeb to hop onto the trend might throw you for a loop. Hailey Bieber, who is notorious for spearheading the glazed donut skin craze, just wore cloud skin makeup.

On May 9, Bieber posted a TikTok video of her preparing for the WWD Beauty CEO Summit in NYC. In the video, she’s sitting in a glam chair with her wet hair pinned back as she wears an oversized graphic tee shirt. In true Bieber fashion, her “strawberry milk” nails are glazed—her long-time makeup artist, Mary Phillips, however, switched up the Rhode founder’s beat with a cloud skin complexion.

Phillips first prepped Bieber’s skin with a top-secret Rhode product that has yet to be launched and then evened out her skin tone using the Mary Phillips contour technique, which calls for applying contour and concealer before blending everything out with foundation. Following that, Phillips applied blush to the high points of Bieber’s face, and did something we never thought would happen: She baked Bieber’s skin.

Hailey Bieber wearing slicked bun and diamonds

@haileybieber / Instagram

Of course, Phillips didn’t simply cover Bieber’s entire face with powder for a matte finish. Instead, she focused on Bieber’s under eyes and under her cheekbones. This powder application technique created a blurring effect that made her skin appear flawless—while still allowing for the dewy glow on the high points of Bieber’s skin to shine through. Her complexion is the epitome of “cloud skin” since it has an airbrushed finish to minimize pores and lock in makeup while still maintaining a lit-from-within glow. She finished the routine off with a subtle winged liner, wispy lashes, a glossy pink lip, and a powder highlighter.

Matte skin has been “in” for a while now—yet, matte skin is more of an umbrella term for a shine-free complexion since you can use powder to create a variety of satin textures. Nothing is stopping you from dusting powder onto your entire face to contrast your glossy lips, but if that's a little too extreme try the cloud skin technique. Phillips created a soft-focused complexion that doesn’t look wet or glazed but doesn't make the skin look flat, either. As shocking as it may seem that the queen of glazed donut skin herself gave up her ultra-dewy texture for the evening, it’s just further proof that matte skin is here to stay for the warmer months.

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