Hailey Bieber Is the Latest Celeb to Wear This It Girl Claw Clip Brand

It perfectly completes her skater-princess vibe.

Hailey Bieber in a field

Hailey Bieber

From viral hyaluronic acid smoothies at Erewhon to glazed donut manicures at the Met Gala, Hailey Bieber continues to pave the way for how we accessorize (yes, that smoothie is totally an accessory). The Rhode Skin founder is no stranger to hair clips, whether Bieber throws her hair into a claw clip during a casual weekend trip or accessorizes her Barbiecore glam with butterfly clips. Recently, she opted for a pink and white checkered hair clip by it girl-approved hair accessory brand, Emi Jay.

Matilda Djerf, Kendall Jenner, Olivia Rodrigo, and Bella Hadid are just a handful of the celebs who love Emi Jay's styles, which range from Y2K butterfly clips to hibiscus clips that make it seem like you just stepped off the set of Blue Crush. Bieber most recently wore the Big Effing Clip in Skate Princess ($34), which is a pretty fitting name, considering she paired it with cargo pants and a tank top to wear to a "little princess'" birthday party (the little princess in question is her niece). 

The Big Effing Clip is a four-inch claw clip meant to hold large amounts of hair, making it an ideal choice for Bieber to gather her long locks into a cool-girl-half-up-half-down hairdo. If you're not partial to a half-up hairstyle, this clip is perfect for throwing your long hair into a quick bun during the day or creating a French twist style when you want to spruce up your look before dinner. Since this clip doesn’t tug at the strands, you can secure your hair without worrying about readjusting throughout the day or night in the name of avoiding headaches.  

Here's the thing—this look may seem effortless, but if you have wavy or curly hair, then you know that achieving a slicked-back hairstyle requires a little bit of effort. After parting your hair down the middle, use a boar-bristle brush to comb the top half of your hair into a half-ponytail—the bristles will ensure that your hair has that shiny, slicked-back look that is quintessential to Bieber's style. Then, secure your hair with the clip and lay any flyaways in place with a quick spritz of hairspray

Perhaps you aren't in L.A. to source the Hailey Bieber Erewhon smoothie for yourself, and maybe your nail salon is too booked and busy to fit you in for a glazed mani—but at least the Emi Jay clip can bring you one step closer to achieving Bieber's skater princess look. 

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