8 Things I Learned After Spending 15 Minutes With Hailey Baldwin

Hailey Baldwin has been public-eye adjacent for her entire life. Her father, Stephen Baldwin, is an accomplished actor as well as the youngest of the four Baldwin brothers, the oldest being Hollywood heavy hitter Alec Baldwin. So it's not like the idea of fame is new to her, in theory or in practice. But now, thrust into a high-profile modeling career, prominent friendships, and, of course, her newly betrothed relationship with Justin Bieber, her life is more seemingly illustrious than ever. 

That being said, she always feels a bit more laid-back than her peers, comfortable even. She's photographed in sweats more often than dresses and the sight of her makeup-free face isn't one that's particularly rare. When I walked into the room to interview her—a plush, cozy hotel suite with velvet couches and mini sandwiches—she was all smiles. With her feet up on the couch and her posture relaxed, we spoke about her new gig, a partnership with BareMinerals, and her approach to skincare, makeup, hair, and fitness, as well as what it feels like to grow up outside the city and how that can produce an almost indescribable love for New York. Oh, and this was the same day she reportedly secured her marriage license with Bieber. All in a day's work, I suppose.