This Is the Product Behind Hailey Baldwin's Impossibly Glowy Skin


Ken Butti for Byrdie Australia

How is it that Hailey Baldwin manages to out-cool herself every time she speaks with Team Byrdie? After we last chatted with the 20-year-old about everything from the real demands of the modeling industry to the appeal of effortless beauty, we thought we had her low-key, straight-shooting personality pegged—that is, until she pow-wowed with our colleagues at Byrdie Australia, underscoring her quiet confidence and wisdom beyond her years.

As mentioned, Baldwin has always been open about the work she puts in to keep her body in top form—a refreshing departure from the less-than-believable assertions of "my diet is pizza" that we're used to hearing from her similarly lithe cool-girl contemporaries. "I grew up [eating clean] and feel better when I do," she tells Byrdie AU, adding that she cuts out gluten and dairy when she's in need of a detox. 

As for her daily eats, they're predictably sensible: "Breakfast is usually eggs or some type of healthy protein or a smoothie; lunch is a salad with fish, lots of veggies—I love a good kale Caesar salad but without croutons!; dinner is along the same lines as lunch or maybe a gluten-free pasta." And yes, cheat days happen on a semi-regular basis.