The One Thing Gwyneth Paltrow Does Every Day to Keep Her Skin Looking Flawless


Getty/David M. Benett

If our forays into Ayurvedic detoxing and attempts to treat hangovers with pickled plums weren’t exemplary enough, then it begs repeating: If Gwyneth recommends it, then we’re probably going to try it ourselves at least once. After all, with her enviably healthy lifestyle and ridiculously ageless physique (and complexion!), she’s obviously doing something right—even if that something entails choking back briny fruit.

So we were obviously at full attention when Paltrow recently detailed her entire evening skincare routine for Vogue—and pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s actually relatively low-key. (Less of a surprise: All of the products in her arsenal are all-natural and organic.)

In addition to some stellar product recommendations, Paltrow clued us into a few pointers about how she maintains her natural glow. Keep reading to see what her nightly routine entails.