Gwyneth Paltrow on Feeling Bloated, Treating Pimples, and Her #1 Beauty Product


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Gwyneth would be out in five minutes. "She's not ready yet," one of her people whispered to another one of her people. "Oh, and we need SmartWater."

I was sitting in the corner of the Ulta store where our interview would take place, and when I was offered one of the extra bottles, I accepted without hesitation. If SmartWater was Gwyneth's drink of choice, then today it would be mine too.

It hadn't quite hit me yet, but today I would be meeting with Gwyneth Paltrow in honor of her Phyto-Pigments makeup line for Juice Beauty, which launched at and earlier this year. I've always put Gwyneth in a premium category of celebrity; it's hard for me to imagine her living on planet Earth with the rest of us. But Juice's founder, Karen Behnke, guaranteed she is very much a real human. In fact, she was appointed as the brand's creative director of makeup for her authenticity. "She walks the walk and talks the talk," as Behnke put it. Apparently, she even drove herself to the interview.

As I waited for the star to appear, I perused the various lipsticks, eyeliners, and foundations from the collection. "Gwyn's very into naming the products," an Ulta representative offered. "All the liquid lipsticks are named after her friends: Reese, Drew, Cameron." To calm my nerves, I swatched Cameron ($24) on the back of my hand (she was delightfully pigmented for a plant-based lippie) and sipped my $6 water.

Indeed, no more than five minutes later, Paltrow materialized from behind a partition, impossibly tall, blond, and swathed in polka-dotted fabric.

"Nice to meet you," she said with an ear-to-ear smile, and already I was under her spell. The next seven minutes were a blur. I don't remember a single thing that was said. Luckily, my recorder was able to capture the following—what I personally consider to be the Gwyneth Paltrow–iest interview ever. 

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Lesson #7: The secret to beauty (and life itself) is sleep, sleep, sleep.

With about a minute left with Paltrow, I asked her the following: "On a typical day in your life, what is the one thing that you look forward to the most and the one thing that you look forward to the least?"

This would be a hard question for me. But Paltrow knew her answer immediately: "On a typical day in my life," she said, "I most look forward to going to bed, and I least look forward to waking up."

First, let's take a moment to appreciate how morbid this sentence is. Under different circumstances, I might have interpreted it as a cry for help. But, as someone who's obsessed with sleeping, I knew what Paltrow meant.

"You're a sleepaholic!" I said with a laugh. 

Paltrow truly is addicted to sleep. She makes a whole ceremony out of it. As she told me about her routine, her eyes glimmered, like a girl in love.

"I take a bath every single night before I go to bed," she told me. "It's my ritual to get grounded and get the energy of the day off. I have all different kinds of salts, and oils, and scrubs. I'm a real bath girl." Paltrow's favorite bath products include salts and scrubs from English brand Ila, as well as regular Epsom salt from the grocery store. Though her all-time favorite is House of Intuition's violet water. "I just feel like it clears bad energy," she told me.

I wasn't ready to leave Gwyneth's presence. After all, who knew when she would return to Earth next? But alas, our seven glorious minutes were over. I thanked Gwyneth dearly and floated out of the Ulta store, counting down the seconds until I was out of earshot, so I could hit the play button on my recorder and live the whole thing over again.

The interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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