Hold Up—You Can Actually Eat Gwyneth Paltrow's New Skincare Line?

When we recently met up with Gwyneth Paltrow at Haven's Kitchen in NYC to talk her new skincare line (Goop by Juice Beauty), choosing the right ingredients in your everyday products, and how to make a knockout morning smoothie, it was clear that the theme of the day was clean living—as if we were to expect any other theme from the reigning queen of wellness herself.  While dumping scoops of mushroom protein powder, almond butter, and he shou wu into a blender (we're still becoming acquainted with the latter), GP spoke to us genuinely about her concern for the beauty industry and how she'd like to see sweeping legislation that regulates what goes into our products. (Paltrow made a nod to her daughter who loves spritzing on those "pink body mists," which she says are full of toxins that are difficult to excrete from the body.) Given her love for all things organic, it's no surprise she took special care in creating a clean skincare line.

The products—which range from a night cream to a cleansing balm to an eye cream and more—are collectively 73% organic, with the most organic product being the Enriching Facial Oil ($110), which is 99% organic. I can personally attest to the naturalness of the oil–upon first pumping it into my hands, it smelled strongly of a veggie dish I had eaten in my childhood. It was as if I could have given it a taste right then and there, which clearly wasn't a far-off thought to have, as, inevitably, the line is edible. Gwyneth recently sat down with Jimmy Fallon to talk Goop by Juice Beauty but also to taste test the line. Check out the hilarious video below.

What may be the most startling thing in this video is that Gwyneth willingly reaches (and subsequently eats) a McDonald's french fry (have you seen Supersize Me? Those things don't decompose). But whether you're into eating your skincare or not (we recommend a healthy diet for glowing skin instead), the line is definitely (topically) worth a try, as it's super luxe, gentle, and highly effective. Check out some of our favorite products from the line below!

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