Gwyneth Paltrow on the 7 Things That Give Her That Glow

Though we'd like to think it's possible to have a natural lit-from-within glow at all times, our complexions often tell us otherwise. As a result, we reach for oils, serums, and highlighters that help us fake the look, but these products only temporarily fill the void. However, our beauty and wellness muse, Gwyneth Paltrow, recently sat down with People to reveal the things she swears by for maintaining her own luminescence: authentic happiness, exercise, eating well, drinking plenty of water, sex, sleeping, and "being around people who make you feel good." See? Among those, nary a highlighter is mentioned.

While we're definitely taking a mental note of all of these, truth be told, we do still appreciate a good product to help our skin look lustrous (we are beauty editors, after all). And what better product to achieve that with than Gwyneth's own Green Apple Brightening Moisturizer ($38)? Gwyneth says she created products like this (and the rest of her line of products with Juice Beauty) because "women deserve to have a really effective, beautifully made product that's nontoxic and organic." We're completely sold.

What's your secret to a natural glow? Please tell us in the comments!