6 Things Gwyneth Paltrow Eats for Better Skin


Steve Granitz/Getty

There’s really no need to describe Gwyneth Paltrow, considering her first name has gradually become an adjective itself. “That kale salad with goji berries is so Gwyneth” and “That alcohol detox is so Gwyneth of you” are actual sentences we wouldn’t be surprised to overhear, if only because our headquarters are in L.A. (which, as a city, is also very Gwyneth). So what does being “Gwyneth” really mean? One might interchange it with words like “balanced” or “healthy”; “effortlessly enviable” is another phrase that comes to mind. Whatever the association is, and however you feel about the lifestyle guru, you can’t deny the desire to learn more about her wholesome, holistic life—there’s a whole website dedicated to it, after all. In the interest of living a more GP-like existence (and just in the name of idle curiosity), we combed through the Internets to find out the foods Paltrow eats that contribute to her smooth, maddeningly radiant skin. We expected to find crazy herbs and brews—this is the woman who waxed poetic about vagina steams, after all—but were surprised to find that the foods GP eats for glowing skin are actually pretty… normal. Well, normal for Paltrow, that is. 

From Moon Juice smoothies to bone broth, keep scrolling for six things Gwyneth Paltrow eats for better skin!