Gwyneth Paltrow on '90s Eyebrows, Martinis, and Beyoncé-Fueled Workouts

In the flesh, Gwyneth Paltrow is every bit as poised and lissome as you would imagine. Arriving—or rather, gliding—through double doors in a sunlight-drenched room in Venice’s Casa del Mar, she greets everyone with a winsome “Hi!” and perches on a corner chair, radiating light and a cheery energy possessed only by those who consider exercise an enjoyable pastime. I’m here to learn about her new makeup collection, Phyto-Pigments, launched in collaboration with Juice Beauty (for which she serves as creative director).

“The hope was that we would be able to create a line of organic makeup that worked as well as all the conventional benchmarks,” Paltrow explains—her confident tone implies success. Throughout our interview, she swipes on cherry-colored liquid lipsticks made with crushed rose petals, raves about the line’s primer with the exuberance of a proud parent (“Ours is the best one on the market!”), and doles out plenty of beauty wisdom (more on that later).

It’s no wonder Paltrow is so good at preaching this elevated organic, holistic lifestyle—she is the ultimate embodiment of it herself, and she just seems so happy. Or is it satisfied? Is there even a difference, and if so, does it matter? In the world of Gwyneth Paltrow, detoxes and petrochemical-free mascaras seem to lead to a more fulfilled life—and considering her glowing, practically ethereal exterior, we’ll gladly drink the Kool-Aid (or, should we say, fresh-pressed green juice).

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