Gwen Stefani’s Dip-Dyed Breakup Hair Is Everything

Video: Gwen Stefani iVevo via YouTube

We've all been there. Post-breakup, you pump up your beauty routine a bit: a little more eyeliner; you start curling or flat-ironing your hair again; maybe you even chop your hair into a bold new style you've secretly been digging. Beauty transformations can do wonders to help us feel empowered as we enter a new beginning, and that's kind of awesome.

Seems like Gwen Stefani is just like us when it comes to moving on. After we managed to get through her raw new video without weeping, we totally flipped out over her dip-dyed hair. Don't worry, she's still mostly platinum blonde, but boy does she look cool with her punky half-black angled bob. Eat your heart out, Gavin! Check out Stefani's tough-chick hair in her "Used To Love You" video above. 

Look closely and you'll also spy Gwen's coordinating black-tipped French manicure. Trust us, it's equally amazing. Try it at home using Christian Louboutin's Nail Colour in True Black ($50) on the top third portion of your nail bed because it's way less drastic than dying your entire head of hair.

Do you change up your look after a romantic split? Do simple beauty changes help make you feel a better when uncoupling? Sound off below!

Opening image: Getty