How to Pull Off Guy Tang Hair Color No Matter Your Skin Tone

If you think you can’t pull off rainbow-colored hair, think again. At least according to celebrity colorist Guy Tang, whose amazing hair creations on Instagram and YouTube have taken over everyone’s Pinterest boards. The secret to pulling off this trend has nothing to do with hair texture or skin tone: It’s all about you. “Consider eye color, clothes, accessories, personality, and hair color maintenance,” says Tang. “My clients and I closely work together to find the best color for them. That’s why in-person consultations are the key to finding the right shade and their #Mydentity.” Still don’t believe us? We had Tang tell us how to pull off this season’s most popular colors. Keep reading to see which one would be a good fit for you.

Universal Colors

Guy Tang

Tang says his clients and his social media following always ask to see different variations of rose gold and dusty lavender. He believes they look good on just about everyone. “I think they gravitate to these colors because they’re wearable and subtle, yet they’re fun and not-in-your face hair colors,” he says. “It’s not just a trend; it will be a classic color.”

Soft & Subdued

Guy Tang

If you want to make a statement without a lot of noise, Tang says the key is to stick a color closer to your actual hair color, but one that still pops. For example, brunettes should try a shade of #Myidentity Midnight Blue ($7), and blondes should try a rose gold.

Loud, Bright Colors

Guy Tang

If you like to be the life of the party, Tang suggests going bold. “For someone with a more outgoing personality, I would have them experiment with bolder colors such as aqua blue and pink glow,” he says. But he’s all about taking care of the hair first. For example, he’d never bleach hair that has red undertones because it would turn orange, and he’d never mix blue with red because it would come out brown and dull. If someone with black hair wanted ice blond, it would take many sessions to get there, which would do more damage than good.

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