Meet the Norwegian Twins Who Are Redefining Scandinavian Beauty


Courtesy of Martine and Gunnhild Chioko Johansen

As I've observed the beauty world's growing obsession with Scandinavia, the parallels to the industry's undying Francophilia seem obvious. Both trends center around a sense of devil-may-care cool. Both have infiltrated all corners of the market, from drugstore makeup to skincare to wellness. And both operate on a very narrow definition of "beauty" in the first place (tousled bangs and an effortlessly waifish figure in France; blue eyes, blonde hair, and a translucent complexion in the Nordic circle).

Martine and Gunnhild Chioko Johansen are living proof of how misguided these stereotypes tend to be (as is just about everyone we featured in our 31 Days, 31 Perspective series last month, if you happened to catch it). The 19-year-old Norwegian-Tanzanian twins, who currently live in Oslo, have already made quite the splash in the fashion industry after being discovered—where else?—on Instagram last year. (In addition to making the rounds during fashion month, they also recently covered Elle Norway.)

Speaking of Instagram, we dare you to scroll through each of the sisters' feeds without feeling compelled to learn anything and everything about their beauty routines. Fortunately, the pair was happy to give us an inside look: You'll find their covetable blend of active self-care, top-notch product recommendations, and Norwegian tradition below.