Here's What $11K Perfume Bottles Look Like

We love elaborate beauty packaging, and Louboutin’s lipstick necklace and its recent Hawaiian-inspired nail boxes had us swooning hard. But while neither of those is exactly inexpensive, French perfumer Guerlain has just unveiled something even more luxurious and pricey!

In collaboration with New York native and graffiti artist John Andrew Perello (who goes by John One), the brand has released 98 hand-painted and signed fragrance bottles, each retailing just above $11K. Of course, with a price tag that high, these aren’t meant to be a casual investment, but more of a collector’s item. Either way, they’re a stunning sight. Keep scrolling to see the photo.

The bottle design has quite the heritage. According to a brand rep, it was originally created by Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain in 1853 as a wedding gift for Eugénie de Montijo and Napoleon III. It’s remained a brand staple ever since.

Realistically, an $11K fragrance splurge isn’t in the cards for most of us, but don’t fret—the bee bottle shape is available in other scents at lower price points, like Guerlain Les Pairsiennes Nuit d’Amour Eau de Parfum ($280).

Is there a beauty product that would compel you to spend $11K? Tell us below!

Opening Image: Imaxtree