Meet the "Feather Artist" Behind This $15,000 Perfume Bottle



In the realm of great conversation starters, "I'm one of the world's premiere feather artists" probably ranks pretty highly. But that's just reality for Janaïna Milheiro, who already lists high-fashion collaborations with Valentino, Chanel, and Cartier on her résumé. And at the end of last year, the Brazilian native made a grand entrance into the world of luxury beauty when Guerlain tapped her to craft what are possibly the most opulent fragrance bottles the world has ever seen.

Each vial in Guerlain's limited-edition Four Seasons collection features about 100 feathers and takes Milheiro 15 hours to make. "It was actually my first time designing fragrance bottles," she tells us. "It was very challenging at first to create a concise yet beautiful feather design that would not hide the bottle but accentuate the stunning Baccarat crystal bottle that is signature of Guerlain."