Gucci Westman Has the Best Makeup Hack for Dry Winter Skin

The celeb makeup artist reveals all.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Gucci Westman

Gucci Westman / Instagram

There are few names in beauty as respected as Gucci Westman's. So synonymous is she with virtually every A-lister's fresh-faced glow, mention the name "Gucci" aloud in any context and the response is the same: "Which one?" It helps that Westman built her reputation, 20 years strong in the industry, on a come-early-stay-late brand of workmanship that saw her supervising everything from the makeup in films to runway models and, eventually, cover shoots for some of the world's most famous women. Cameron Diaz, Taylor Swift, Halle Berry, and Kim Kardashian all have Westman in common, and now, with the expansion of her Westman Atelier beauty line (first launched in 2018), the Westman touch is finally available en masse.

This December, Westman Atelier arrives at Nordstrom just in time for a swirl of holiday and New Year's parties all begging for a bit of sparkle. To celebrate the release, Westman spoke with Byrdie all about her line and the ultimate holiday beauty hacks.

Gucci Westman applying makeup to model

Gucci Westman / Instagram

On Her Nordstrom Debut

"It's such an honor to partner with an iconic American retailer that values craftsmanship, innovation, and exceptional service. Having our line on the beauty floor at Nordstrom is truly special. It’s a completely new experience we’re able to offer to our clients."

Her Westman Atelier Favorites

"If I had to pick a few things, I would start with our Vital Skin Foundation Stick ($68). It's a creamy, luxurious formula packed with actives to calm and soothe the skin. It feels like second-skin. There's really nothing like our Super Loaded Tinted Highlight ($75). It's a beautiful highlighting cream that gives you luminous warmth and color. It's gorgeous on the eyes too.

"Lastly, our Lit Up Highlight Stick ($75) is an incredibly sophisticated highlighter. Instead of an over-the-top glittery highlight, it gives you a naturally dewy, glassy finish. I love applying it underneath the foundation too for an ethereal glow. The shades are all super wearable and work on anywhere you want the light to catch: tops of cheekbones, inner corners of the eyes, bridge of the nose, cupid's bow. Even the eyelids and lips are super pretty!"

Her Recommended Go-To Holiday Look

"A deep lip paired with glowing skin is always a chic holiday look for me. The contrast is so pretty on everyone and I love how the look actually makes your eyes pop, too. 

"For me, classic holiday looks are ones that will never tire: a classic red lip, a winged eye, super glowing skin. It's fun to take those and give them a bit of a twist like instead of your usual black eyeliner, go for a khaki green or burgundy."

Her Can't-Live-Withouts

"It's always hard for me to choose since the line is a complexion system designed to all work together. But, I can't live without our foundation. I suffer from rosacea and it's the only foundation that has actually helped heal my skin. I love the versatility of our Baby Cheeks ($48) and Lip Suede ($85) shades. They blend like a dream and are super hydrating, so you can really have fun and create your own custom shade.

"We have several products that are multi-use. Baby Cheeks ($48) is definitely one of those products that you can use on your cheeks, lips, and eyes. I especially love just a bit of it across the bridge of the nose too.

"You wouldn't necessarily think of it, but our Eye Pods ($32) are quite versatile. The paler shades can definitely work as a highlighter on your cheekbones. I've even used our Vin Rouge shade to amplify a pretty, wine-stained lip."

The Best Cold-Weather Makeup Tip

"Avoid layering too many powder-based products. If your skin is dry, a powder product is only going to amplify that. Skin prep is everything to a flawless makeup application.

"Make sure you're using a gentle exfoliator to get rid of any dead skin and using the right moisturizer for your skin at night—that way you're not waking up with dry or tight skin and trying to fix it all in the morning. I like to reapply a rejuvenating product throughout the day to keep skin hydrated. Face mists are great for that. Our Lit Up Highlight Stick ($48) is a great way to perk up dull skin throughout the day, too."

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