Need to Have It: Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

When you’re a fragrance lover, you don’t discriminate. Men’s, women’s—who cares? A beautiful scent is a beautiful scent. For this reason, we’ve been known to borrow from the boys from time to time. Sometimes a scent just grabs you, and you have to have it. Or you know someone in your life has to have it. (Because the men in our lives should smell as good as we do.)

Such is the case with Gucci Guilty Pour Homme ($85). We were initially drawn to it because while the bottle says “for him,” the heart of the fragrance isn’t what you’d expect from a men’s fragrance (hint: florals are involved). Curious? We firmly believe every good fragrance should have some mystery to it, but in this case, we’ll fill you in on the highlights.

Keep reading to find out exactly why Gucci Guilty Pour Homme made our must-have list.