Reviewed: Grown Alchemist Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream

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Grown Alchemist Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream

grown alchemist

Melony Forcier / Design by Cristina Cianci

What We Like
  • Nourishing ingredients 

  • No greasy or sticky residue 

  • Absorbs quickly into skin

  • Fresh and clean smell

What We Don't Like
  • May not work as an anti-bacterial cream 

  • No SPF protection

  • Potential allergens

This hand cream from Grown Alchemist is guaranteed to give you smoother, softer hands with a refreshing scent that will stay with you throughout the day. Plus, the anti-bacterial botanical extracts may help to fight off germs.


Grown Alchemist Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream

grown alchemist

Melony Forcier / Design by Cristina Cianci

I've never been one to prioritize hand cream, but between washing my hands seemingly every five minutes and using an excessive amount of hand sanitizer over the past two years, having dry hands has become an unavoidable and unbearable problem. So, my newfound interest in hand cream has led me to try out various formulas, but I haven't found my go-to hand cream just yet.  

Enter: Grown Alchemist Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream. On paper, it sounds perfect. A nourishing hand cream that also has anti-bacterial properties. One might say it's too good to be true. Plus, it's made with naturally-derived ingredients, which immediately caught my attention. My sensitive skin can't handle harsh ingredients, so I usually steer toward clean-beauty products. After a few weeks of testing, I've put together my thoughts on this potentially "holy grail" hand cream. Curious if it lives up to expectations? Read on.

Grown Alchemist Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream

Best for: All skin types, especially skin prone to dryness 

Uses: A hydrating hand cream 

Star Rating: 4.7

Potential allergens: May contain traces of nut oils 

Active ingredients: tea tree extract, cedarwood, ylang ylang 

Clean?: Yes 

Price: $22

About the brand: Founded by brothers Keston and Jeremey Mujis in 2018, this Melbourne-based hair and skincare brand focus on a new evolution of scientifically capable biological beauty.

About My Skin: Dry hands, but even dryer cuticles  

I’ve never dealt with extremely dry, cracked hands until recently. Yes, every winter, they do get a bit dryer than usual, but it’s never really bothered me. Now, chemical-filled hand sanitizer has depleted my hands of hydration and I’ve been much more apt to use quality hand cream. Also, I have extremely sensitive skin that is prone to breaking out in rashes at any given second, so using an unscented, clean hand cream is essential for me. 

Additionally, I’ve always had an issue with dry cuticles. While it’s hard to admit, I have a habit of picking my cuticles, which is why I almost always have nail polish on. I’ve never considered a hand cream helping with this problem, but I use a bit of cuticle oil to help keep my cuticles at bay. 

The Feel: Lightweight and fast-absorbing

grown alchemist hand cream

melony forcier

You can feel the soothing benefits of this hand cream the moment it touches your skin. The lightweight formula instantly absorbs into the skin, leaving hands soft and not slimy in the slightest. The absolute worst thing about hand creams, in my opinion, is when you go to open a door right after putting it on, and you are left resorting to using your elbows because your hands are just too slippery. Does anybody else have this problem? Well, in case you do, I put it to the test and was able to open doors instantly after application. That’s a win in my book.

The Scent: Subtle and earthy

This hand cream definitely has a scent, which made me nervous prior to using it. I was convinced it would make me break out into a rash, but thankfully that wasn’t the case. The scent comes from the naturally-derived ingredients used in the product, so it smells very earthy and clean. It isn’t overpowering but it does stay with you for a while, which I personally loved. 

The Ingredients: Nourishing, clean, but potentially not anti-bacterial

I tapped cosmetic chemist, Ginger King, to learn more about what makes this hand cream hydrating and clean. After reviewing the ingredient list, King told me that while this product does have a lot of nourishing ingredients, it isn’t technically an anti-bacterial hand cream. “Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties; however, to call this an anti-bacterial hand cream would be a drug claim, and tea tree is not classified as a drug.” So, while this product may contain anti-bacterial properties, putting that in the product’s name could be misleading for some. In other words, hold on to your hand sanitizer. Outside of the tea tree’s anti-bacterial properties, the oil can also help with inflammation and anti-aging. 

Two other ingredients—cedarwood and ylang ylang—are also beneficial and nourishing for the skin. Cedarwood contains cedrene and thujopsene, which helps hydrate and soothe. Ylang Ylang has flavonoid antioxidants, which can help fight against premature aging.

The Results: Long-term hydration

In the short term, this product made my hands feel noticeably silky smooth and hydrated. Grown Alchemist succeeded in creating a lightweight, non-greasy formula. The most surprising thing to me, though, was the long-term benefits. Even on days where I didn’t use the hand cream, my skin felt way smoother than usual. This product will help dry skin around the clock, not just during the first hour or two that you apply it. Plus, my cuticles were under control, which is great since I’m sans manicure this week. Unfortunately, I'm not totally sure that the anti-bacterial aspect of it lives up to expectations, so I still carry around my hand sanitizer.

The Value: Perfectly priced

This product falls right around the typical price for a quality hand cream, so I definitely agree with the pricing. As for the size, I think it's meant to be easy for travel and tossing into your purse, so I have no concern there. Plus, you only need a pea-sized amount of product to see the benefits of it, so it will last you quite a while if used properly. 

Similar Products: You have options

Nécessaire The Hand Cream: Similar to Grown Alchemist's hand cream, Nécessaire's, The Hand Cream ($20) is all vegan, cruelty-free, and made with clean ingredients. The main ingredients in this formula include Niacinamide, Marula Oil, and Peptides, which are all nourishing and promote smoothing skin. Price-wise, the two falls in the same range, so these two products are pretty comparable. 

J.R. Watkins Lemon Cream Hand Cream: For your standard all-natural hand cream, you can't go wrong with J.R. Watkins Lemon Cream Hand Cream ($9). Its ingredients aren't as intensely nourishing as Grown Alchemist, but it's still a great budget hand cream. It also comes in four different scents if lemon isn't for you. 

Final Verdict

Despite being disappointed over the anti-bacterial aspect of this hand cream, I have to say that this is one of my favorite formulas I’ve tried. The quick-absorbing ability is a major selling point for me. Plus, it’s great for my sensitive skin, and I haven’t had any issues with breakout rashes. Overall, this might just be my new go-to hand cream. Two moisturized thumbs up.


  • Product Name Anti-Bacterial Hand Cream
  • Product Brand Grown Alchemist
  • Price $22.00
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