Essential Tips for Growing Out Your Brows

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Strong, natural brows are here to stay—which is why if your arches are of the sparser variety, the FOMO is real. While you've likely heard that if you've plucked your brows for long enough they don't stand a chance of coming back, in many cases, that's simply not true—we can promise you that from experience. 

Still, it's not quite as simple as just not touching your brows for a few months. There are other factors at play—from the food you eat to the skincare formulas you use, not to mention bonus strategies straight from pros and editors in the know. 

Follow these three essential rules to help your arches meet their full potential. 

It's going to take more than a few months of not touching your brows to see major growth—in fact, in our experience, we tend to see the biggest spurt after the one-year mark. Don't get frustrated, because it's worth the wait. In the meantime, work with what you've got by using makeup to shape and groom.

1. Fuel Growth From the Inside Out

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Yep—hair growth supplements like biotin and B vitamins can definitely benefit your brows in addition to your mane. Also make sure you're eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon, walnuts, and peanut butter.

Hair loss anywhere is often a signal that something in your body is out of balance. Stress, hormonal imbalance, and lack of protein can all contribute.

If both your brows and your hair are slow-growing or thinning and you don't think anxiety is the culprit, consider visiting your doctor to get your nutrient levels checked. (Just a simple blood test can determine if that's the case).

2. Stock Up on Growth Serums

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Now that full brows are more in vogue than ever, there's a burgeoning market for formulas that simultaneously condition and accelerate growth. One of our current favorites is this all-natural option from Province Apothecary, which contains a blend of essential oils, plant extracts, and coffee to nourish the skin and stimulate fast-growing, fuller arches. 

Keep your skincare formulas—creams, serums, even foundation—away from your brows, since they can inhibit growth and cause hair to fall out. Make sure you're working around your arches when stacking your formulas.

A certain beauty editor (ahem, ahem) once lost half of an eyebrow before realizing that she was simply pressing down too hard with her brow pencil. Groom and fill in your arches carefully and gently, using small, light strokes with your pencil. If you find that you tend to lose a few hairs when using a certain product, it might be time to consider swapping it out.

3. Trim Instead of Plucking, Waxing, or Threading

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Keep any unruliness at bay with the occasional trim. Just make sure you're doing it the right way: Brush your hairs upward at an angle with a spoolie brush, and then trim any excessively long hairs. Be sparing! Cutting the hairs too short can make for a harsh look.

You're not going to know the full potential of your arches unless you really let them grow for a while—a hair that seems like it's outside the current line of your brow right now could just be part of your new, thicker shape in a few months. That being said, removing really errant strays between your brows (or far below or above) is fine in moderation but never wax or thread when you're trying to grow them out.

While you're growing out your brows, learn which products you need to fake full arches.

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