Grimes Is Officially Our New Hair Color Icon

Updated 09/23/16

It's hard to put your finger on 28-year-old experimental musician Grimes. Having been described as the "alien love-child of Aphex Twin and ABBA," as well as "the ultimate beauty chameleon," the hyper-creative Canadian transfixes both the music and beauty worlds for the same reason: her disregard for the rules.

Four albums and a host of different looks after she first appeared on our electro-pop playlists in 2010, Grimes appears on Teen Vogue's April 2016 cover. Flaunting sherbert-colored hair and a fresh face, Grimes says her look is, as always, "inherently political" and at the same time just "fun." 

Fun is certainly one of the first words that comes to mind when we think of Grimes's beauty look, her hair color in particular. Having rocked everything from playful pink to scuzzy green and black, her statement-making hues somehow always seem natural, if not biological. 

That effortless edge is giving us major inspo these days, especially with festival season fast approaching.

Keep reading to discover our favorite Grimes hair colors of all time. Warning: It will be hard to get through these photos without wanting to call your colorist.

Pierre Suu/Getty

Pastel Punk

The art-pop icon's answer to sombré involves soft pink on top, midnight blue at the ends, and feathered volume all over. Naturally.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

Electric Pop

Synth music begets synth hair color. In Grimes's case, it's radioactive turquoise.

Mok Jung Wook

Metal Head

Who better to bring back '80s hair band–platinum than a tiny badass Canadian chick? In short, no one. 

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty

Unicorn Tails

Your 2016 music festival hairstyle, sorted. 

(Re-create more easy braids like these.)

Donato Sardella/Getty


Another of Grimes's many characters, this sunset-colored pompadour screams '70s glam rock.

Benni Valsson

Galaxy Hair

Pinks, purples, and blues all tossed in a messy topknot puts Grimes's rebellious spin on the galaxy hair trend.

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