A Grey's Anatomy Actress Shares the Lipstick She Wears on Camera (and Off)

There's a reason your mind is likely taken to an image of animated Lara Croft running through Mesoamerica and fighting crime in the video game Tomb Raider as soon as you hear actress Camilla Luddington speak: She provided the voice for the character in the series. You've also probably seen her play Jo Karev (Wilson) on Grey's Anatomy or even Kate Middleton in The Lifetime original made-for-TV film William & Kate: The Movie. The new mom is busy, to be sure, but even amid a demanding film schedule and personal life, she's managed to maintain the unearthly glowing complexion of something you'd find in the gamer world. Clearly, she's fit for the role.

Determined to find out which products are responsible for her ethereal radiance (we'll be damned if it's genetics!), we sat down with the actress for her top five favorite products. Watch the video below to find out what they are.