22 Green Hair Ideas That Will Inspire You to Switch Up Your Look



From Billie Eilish to Saweetie, green hair looks have been popping up everywhere. While the vibrant color is undoubtedly a bold look, there are so many ways you can tap into the trend according to your personal preferences. From lime to mint to emerald, there are many versatile shades and styles to choose from. So, whether you're thinking about adding green tones to your hair or dying it completely, we've got you covered. We chatted with celebrity colorist and Matrix ambassador George Papanikolas and Bleach London co-founder Alex Brownsell about everything you need to know about going green. Ahead, find their tips and tons of stunning examples of green hair.

Green Hair

Choosing a shade: "The shade you choose depends more on your personality and style," Papanikolas says. "The intensity is the biggest thing you'll need to consider. All green hair needs to be applied over pre-lightened hair, so you'll need to bleach the desired strands to achieve the result you desire. Something else to remember is that pastel shades will require the hair to be pre-lightened to a very pale yellow, while a more intense green can be lightened to a yellow. If there's orange left in the hair, the green will look more muddy and brown."

Maintenance level: Papanikolas tells us that any time hair is pre-lightened, natural oils are stripped, so retaining moisture is key. "Shades of green tend to fade quickly, especially the pastel ones, so a regular refresh will be required."

Goes great with: Opt for blacks, browns, neutrals, and metallic shades. Nude shades, yellows, and golds can also look great with green hair.

Similar shades: Slime green, emerald green, pastel green

Price: The price will depend on your hair length, depth, and color placement. "If you want to do an all-over full color, this will cost a little more as you'll be in the salon for most of the day," Brownsell explains.

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Lime Green Braids and Curls



Lizzo is another hair chameleon, and she's tried every color imaginable. Her take on the green trend features a fun mix of loose braids and curls.

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Mid-Length Green Bob



Saweetie is always switching up her hairstyles, and she opted for a mid-length green bob here. To recreate Saweetie’s style, part your hair in the center and blow dry it section by section. Scoop the hair up with the brush and direct the nozzle up in the same direction to create flicked wispy ends. Finish with some hairspray to set the style.

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Bright Green Curly Bob

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion is always rocking a new look—her bright green curly bob is one of our all-time favorites. This look is all about body and bounce.

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Bright Green Roots

Billie Eilish

Getty Images

Brownsell tells us that root clash colors like Billie Eilish's have been super popular in Bleach London's L.A. salon. "This look works best when the base color is simple, like dark brown, black, or blonde. For Eilish's green, I'd recommend Bleach London Slime Light Super Cool Colour ($7)."

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Two-Toned Tresses

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has experimented with various bold colors through the years, and this two-tone green look is one of our favorites. If you want to try this look, your hair must be lifted and toned before applying color. "Once the hair has been lifted and toned, use Bleach London's Fade to Grey Conditioner ($14) from the ends up to the mid-lengths to create a dip dye effect," Brownsell says.

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Yellow-Green Buzzcut

Willow Smith

Getty Images

We love Willow Smith's yellow-green hair. When bleaching and coloring short hair, Brownsell recommends cutting it beforehand to give a clean base and reapplying bleach during the lightening process to ensure an even lift.

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Green Cropped Cut

Cynthia Erivo

Getty Images

Like Willow Smith, Cynthia Erivo’s look proves you don’t need long hair to tap into this trend. The warm green tones frame her face, and we love that she’s kept the sides of her hair dark to balance out the look a little. If you have short hair, you’ll need to remember that the color will fade quickly, so it will need a refresh from time to time to maintain the color.

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Two-Toned Waves

Chloe Norgaard

Getty Images

If you want to try Chloe Norgaard's look on your hair, be prepared, as it will take some time to recreate. To achieve her loose waves, let your hair get 80% dry and then plait and twist the ends. Once dry, use Bleach London's Hair Elixir ($16).

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Sleek and Straight Slime Green


Getty Images

This sleek, electric green style is perfect. While most of the hair is dyed a vibrant lime green hue, the roots remain dark to create a subtle two-toned effect.

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Sea Green Ponytail

Lil Kim

Getty Images

Lil Kim is an icon, and her hair has always made her stand out from the crowd. We love the green high ponytail she wore at the BET Awards in 2022. To achieve this look, opt for curly bundles and a 360 frontal to save some time on styling.

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Choppy Green Bob

Lil Mama

Getty Images

If you want to keep your roots dark, take some inspiration from Lil Mama’s look. Her cute, choppy bob has an edgy feel and perfectly frames her face.

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Neon Green Bob

Lena Dunham

Getty Images

A bob haircut is a great solution for those with fine hair. They don’t require much maintenance, and you can always elevate your look with neon colors like Lena Dunham.

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Pastel Green and Pink Waves


Getty Images

Kesha took the two-tone look to another level. Half of her hair was dyed a beautiful pastel green-blue shade, while the other half featured pink tones.

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Slime Green Bob

Alicia Aylies

Getty Images

You can't go wrong with a classic bob. Give your slime green cut another edgy touch by parting it on the side.

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Minty Blue Green Bob

Cardi B

Getty Images

Cardi B’s minty green bob is dreamy. If you have curly or coily hair, it is possible to achieve this look without compromising your curl pattern. You will just need to refresh the color every few washes. 

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Pastel Green Updo

Lady Gaga

Getty Images

Lady Gaga sported a pastel green updo, drawing inspiration from the '60s. We're obsessed with this icy, mint-green look.

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Subtle Green Ends

Bella Thorne

Getty Images

Don't want to fully commit to green hair? Use Bella Thorne as your inspo, and just dye your ends.

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Emerald Green Bob

Skai Jackson

Getty Images

If you're intimidated by color commitment, opt for a wig instead. Skai Jackson's wavy, velvety green bob complements her skin tone perfectly. If you want to try this style, opt for a lace frontal to achieve the most natural look.

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Pastel Green

Kylie Jenner

Getty Images

Cool pastel greens are universally friendly, so everyone can find a shade that works for them. According to Brownsell, the shade of green you choose has more to do with your hair’s depth and tone than your skin tone.

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Green Wispy Bun

Katy Perry

Getty Images

Although Katy Perry's green dip-dye style is a wig, this look can work on thick, straight hair, according to Brownsell. “Ask your hairdresser for a blunt bob where they cut into the ends once the hair is dry to create a chunky, choppy finish,” she says.

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Smoky Green Curls


Getty Images

When Kelis burst onto the music scene in the '90s, she showed us all how to embrace a bit of color in our hair. We love this green curly 'fro look, featuring a mix of bold blue streaks.

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Lime Green Highlights

Avril Lavigne

Getty Images

While recreating this look won’t take up too much of your time, your stylist will need to ensure that the colors don’t blend into one another. Brownsell tells us that the hair must always be rinsed with cold water after coloring and after every hair wash to keep the color in check.

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