6 Ancient Greek Skincare Secrets You Can Still Use Today



Those shimmering, crystal-blue waters; white buildings; and seemingly constant sunshine are why we've been dreaming about visiting Greece for as long as we can remember. But it's the natural beauty of the country's residents that piques our curiosity about their possible skincare secrets.

To uncover ancient ingredients and practices, I reached out to two experts with a deep connection to Greece. First, Athena Hewett, who owns a skincare studio called Athena Ellen in San Francisco, where she performs ancient handmade facials and creates organic skincare for her line Monastery. "I grew up spending the summers in the Greek Cyclades islands, where my family farmed an olive orchard. We pressed the olives and sold the oil for use in food and skincare. I have carried the practices of oil in skincare with me into my 30s," Ellen says. "The ancient Greeks were lovers of beauty. They were always seeking new ways to improve their appearance through nutrition, athletics, and cosmetics. The word cosmetics is actually a Greek word, kosmetikos. The word kosmetikos originated in the 17th century, so these beauty rituals have been around at least that long."

Next, I spoke with Lena Korres, who founded her namesake skincare company with Greek pharmacist George Korres in 1996 out of the oldest apothecary in Athens. Each product in the line is "led by our belief in the power of plants, scientific discovery, and the existence of more than 3000 Greek herbal remedies," Korres says.

Below find their ancient Greek skincare secrets you can still use today.