The Surprising Thing That Causes Greasy Hair

Greasy hair is the bane of our existence. As such, we've stockpiled an impressive arsenal of dry shampoo, spent time training our strands to be less oily, and even pleaded with the hair gods to bestow us with a perpetually dry (in the best way) scalp. But still, the fact that hair grease is even a thing in the first place is frustrating, and we'd love to be able to stop it in its tracks.

While we've long concluded that hair grease is due to our own chemical makeup, a sweat sesh at the gym, and the weather, according to a recent story from Allure, one culprit responsible for our oily roots is stress. This makes total sense—just like we get breakouts when we're stressed out, those same elevated hormone levels produce extra oil on the scalp, too, the article explains. Say it with us now: "Namaste." 

Try this double-duty remedy: Aesop's Calming Shampoo ($29), a gentle cleanser that also delivers sweet serenity.

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