3 Makeup Artist Tricks for Applying Graphic Eyeliner

bella hadid with low buns and eyeliner


Graphic eyeliner is having a major moment right now, but it’s even trickier to execute than a traditional cat eye. Even though most real-life appropriate graphic eyeliner looks aren’t as extreme as what we saw on the Chanel spring couture runway, the lines still have to appear perfect and symmetrical. That's a tall order for a bold night-out look. That’s why we jumped at the chance to hear from Lori Leib, celebrity makeup artist and creative director of the vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brand Bodyogrophy, for her insider tips for applying eyeliner. Keep scrolling to see Lori's tips and shop Byrdie-approved eyeliners to create your next graphic look!

Try Using a Felt-Tipped Pen

Bodyography On Point Liquid Liner Pen $17

“Invest in a good felt-tipped liquid liner. I may be biased, but Bodyography's nontoxic formula from our On Point Liquid Liner gives the most precise line every single time. And it stays put!”

Apply White Eyeliner First

Cargo TexasLiner Liquid Eyeliner $20

“A terrific way to get a smooth and perfectly placed line is to map out the shape with a white eyeliner pencil beforehand. Once it looks good, go over it with a gel or liquid liner.”

Change Your Viewpoint

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“Most women apply eyeliner looking straight into the mirror; this leads to crooked lines, gaps between the liner and lash line, and an overall sloppy look. Try looking down into a mirror instead; this way, you will make sure your liner is as close to the lashes as possible.”

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