Found: The Moisturizing $5 Oil That Helps Your Hair Grow

We're constantly in search of ways to help our hair flourish. Right now, grape-seed oil's got our full attention. You probably haven't heard much about the benefits of grape-seed oil for hair, so you've come to the right place. Although wildly under the radar, you can find the oil in many hardworking hair products. And here's exactly what it is: "Grape-seed oil is extracted from the seeds of grapes, which is interesting since we all love to eat grapes, but it is actually the part we toss away," explains Chelsea Scott, hair expert and founder of TruHair. "These are the seeds that contain the most powerful antioxidants. The oil extracted from these seeds contains a compound known as OPC. Countless studies have shown that OPCs are highly potent antioxidants that can help prevent premature aging [and have] deep moisturizing properties."

"Grape-seed oil came about as a byproduct of winemaking, and the oil is extracted from the leftover grape seeds," adds Olive + M founder and oil expert Mariska Nicholson. Grape-seed oil has countless benefits for your hair. "It has a lightweight, silky feel to help provide shine, softness, and moisture," Michelle Corredor, director of global product development at Bumble and Bumble says. And you can use it in many ways. "If you want to use grape-seed oil as a de-frizz and cuticle sealer, apply a nickel-size amount onto damp hair and comb it through the root to your ends daily," suggests Scott. "As a hydrator, mix a nickel-size amount into your current conditioner. Or if you'd like to use it as a scalp treatment, use a dropper and apply a few drops directly into your scalp area and massage it in two times a week." 

Now, let's get into all the ways it can do your hair a lot of good.