Under $9: The Best Drugstore Beauty Products Used at the Grammy Awards


Getty/Alberto E. Rodriguez

While watching some of the music industry's biggest names parade down the Grammy Awards red carpet in haute couture, it's easy to get caught up in the opulence of it all—and to assume that their beauty looks are as luxurious as they look. But consider that notion debunked: Even Beyoncé was wearing drugstore makeup literally from head to toe. The truth of the matter is that many of the best makeup artists in the biz swear by wallet-friendly products just as much as we do and have proven time and again that price point has nothing to do with the final result. (For more evidence, just look at all the drugstore makeup that was used at the Golden Globes.)

So without further ado, we're counting down the best affordable hair, makeup, and even skincare products you saw on your screen while watching the Grammy Awards last night. Nothing is over $9—so go ahead and add it all to cart.