This is How to Elevate Your Curls, According to a Top Model


Rory Payne/Matches Fashion

If you have curly hair, you are likely cautious of hot tools, are prepared for the all-too-real frizz, and try to avoid humidity at all costs. While we find natural curls to be absolutely stunning, we know that general curl care can be a bit daunting. Hence we created a series called Girls With Curls in which we ask top models and influencers for their best-kept curly-hair secrets.

With an Instagram account featuring many curly-hair selfies, Grace Mahary, a 27-year-old Victoria's Secret model and founder of Project Tsehigh, seemed like a natural choice for an interview—we wanted to know just how she keeps her hair so springy. From her favorite moisturizing products to the way she dries her tresses, Mahary gave us the inside scoop on how she takes care of her perfectly defined curls. For the model and activist's master tips on embracing your natural hair texture, taming frizz, and the deep-conditioning product she is dying to try, keep on reading.