7 'Gossip Girl' Reboot Season 2 Outfits We'll Love Forever

whitney peak in gossip girl


The second—and final—season of the Gossip Girl reboot is coming to a close, and whether you loved, hated, or loved to hate it, there's no denying the show gave us some of the most luxurious, over-the-top fashion moments on TV (the finale literally has its own Met Gala!). Rewatching the original Gossip Girl now is an instant reminder of the biggest trends and most covetable pieces from the mid-2000s, and Gossip Girl 2.0 is similarly acting as a style barometer for a new generation. This season gave us looks from some of the top designers of 2023, such as Wales Bonner, Marine Serre, Dion Lee, Rick Owens, and so on. And there was plenty of fashion inspo to go around across womenswear and menswear alike—Evan Mock in Valentino and Palace? Thomas Doherty in Thom Browne and Bode? Chuck and Nate could never.

While the show's fashion is undoubtedly a sign of the times, there were also a few callbacks to the original Gossip Girl scattered throughout the season. Actress Savannah Smith's character, Monet de Haan, gave us Blair Waldorf energy in the best way possible, donning statement headbands with her Constance Billard's uniform on multiple occasions. Plus, fans of the original show will likely notice an easter egg moment when Tavi Gevinson's character, Kate Keller, wears the same dress Serena Van Der Woodsen wore in Paris with Blair.

In honor of the season finale, we've put together seven standout fashion moments from this season, plus where to shop the looks yourself. Keep reading to see them all, because we know you'll love them (xoxo).

Julien Calloway's Met Gala Glam

Jordan Alexander in silver mini dress

Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

While the newest iteration of Gossip Girl may be ending sooner than the creators and fans wanted, we can take comfort in the fact that the season two finale went out with a fashion bang—a recreation of the Met Gala. Every character dressed to impress, but a standout was Jordan Alexander’s character, Julien Calloway, walking the carpet in the same Oscar de la Renta dress that Taylor Swift wore to the 2022 VMAs. It’s a true "who wore it better?" moment for the ages.

Luna La's Met Gala Moment

Zion Moreno as Luna La wears a silver dress

Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Another faux-Met Gala look that’s just as iconic came from Zión Moreno’s character, Luna La. She wore a metallic silver gown with Cult Gaia heels, and the overall look embodies evening wear for the 2020s. We also love the “wet look” hairstyle Luna wears here, which has also been popular all over real-life red carpets lately.

Audrey Hope's Roman Holiday

The cast of Gossip Girl season 2

Stefano Cristiano Montesi/HBO Max

As if having a Met Gala in the finale wasn’t enough, the gang ends the episode by jetting off to Italy for summer vacation. While it’s hard to pick who had the best outfit of the group, we’ve been thinking about pulling inspiration from Emily Alyn Lind’s character, Audrey Hope. While Audrey can play it comparatively safe when it comes to fashion, her sundress and Dior handbag provide the ultimate inspiration for a dream European summer vacation outfit.

Zoya Lott's Society Statement

Whitney Peak as Gossip Girl's Zoya Lott

Cara Howe/HBO Max

Whitney Peak’s character Zoya Lott usually has a low-key vibe when it comes to fashion, but this season, her style got an Upper East Side upgrade as she navigated high society events alongside her peers. While we love seeing Zoya's laid-back looks, this outfit is so chic. Wedding guest dress inspo? We think yes.

Julien Calloway's Casual Night Out

Jordan Alexander as Julien Calloway wears crop top

Sarah Shatz/HBO Max

If there is one character who gravitates most toward bold gen-z trends, it’s Julien Calloway—and her sense of style pays off. Here, she sports an oxblood-colored bustier top with camo cargo pants and a Marine Serre patchwork coat. One thing's for sure: This elite teen has the NYC influencer vibe locked down.

Monet de Haan's Modern Blair Waldorf

Savannah Lee Smith, Zion Moreno in season 2 of Gossip Girl

Cara Howe/HBO Max

While the new GG is much more edgy than preppy, Savannah Smith’s character Monet de Haan keeps the Blair Waldorf aesthetic alive and well. We love her takes on Constance Billard’s uniform—especially the headbands—but Monet has just as many great out-of-uniform fashion moments. Here she wears a tweed Alessandra Rich jacket paired with a beret and a Brando Blackwood handbag. Monet's exact bag is sold out here, but we love the metallic blue version just as much.

Zoya's Rave Look

Grace Duah, Whitney Peak in Gossip Girl season 2

Karolina Wojtasik/HBO Max

There’s something about a pixel middle finger top at a rave that just makes sense. Right? Zoya tapped into her wilder side this season while sporting this look out in NYC, and we are very here for it.

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