How to Get "Effortless Glam" Inspired by the Gossip Girl Reboot


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Gossip Girl summer is upon us. In case your WiFi has been out for the past year, the beloved TV series is getting a Gen Z reboot, and collective anticipation is officially at an all-time high. Months before the first episode premiered, shots of the cast—decked out in their Constance Billard finest and lounging on the Met steps—went viral almost immediately. It’s clear the new crew will serve up plenty of beauty and style inspiration, just like Serena and Blair did before them. But don’t dust off your Waldorf headband just yet—this group had a whole new look.

In celebration of TV’s return to the Upper East Side, fashion brand Monse, known for its deconstructed tailoring, created a fall collection inspired by the show. Charlie Riddle, the makeup lead for Monse x Gossip Girl, says that this time around, the characters’ signature looks are decidedly “less glam” and more effortless. This new generation isn’t “getting their makeup done; they're doing it themselves,” he explains.

Ahead, we’ve broken down all the details, products, and techniques, courtesy of the Stila Cosmetics Global Director, so you can have your own New York beauty moment at home.

Gossip Girl Cast


The Inspiration

“It’s a little bit more lived in… a little bit more rock and roll,” says Riddle. He wanted the Monse x Gossip Girl runway to mirror today’s digital world and the beauty trends that come along with it: glowing skin and do-it-yourself makeup. This new cast of characters "don't really care, but it still has kind of a glam to it,” he adds.

Model from Monse Gossip Girl Show



To get that fresh-faced look beloved by the show’s Upper East Siders, Riddle applied Stila's new Skin Veil ($38), available July 15, to give their skin a blurred effect. Use either your fingertips or brush to get an effortless and even glow.

Next, he applied the Convertible Color ($25) to the high points of the models’ cheeks, resulting in a lifted and natural flush. He then finished with Heaven's Dew All Over Glimmer ($25) in Silverlake. The desired effect is an almost wet-looking highlight on the bridge of the nose, inner eye corners, and cheekbones.

For added dimension, Riddle face-sculpted with the Stila Putty Blush/Bronzer Duo ($34) and set the skin with Stila's new One Step Correct Powders (launching July 15) to take away shine and preserve the look for a long summer night.

Gossip Girl inspired makeup



The beauty star of the night was a bold, undone eye look. Think lived-in liner with New York edge. The makeup artist patted on the Stila Matte 'N Metal Eye Shadow Palette ($49) in Velour with a blending brush, contouring the crease for a sculpted effect.

To create a cat-eye shape, Riddle also used the Stila Stay All Day Eye Liner ($22) in Stingray, blending out the liner for a soft, almost slept-in look. He finished the look with two coats of Stila's Huge Extreme Lash Mascara ($23).

Brows, of course, had a laminated look (what else would you expect from a show about Gen Z influencers?). Riddle recommends the Stila Stay All Day Brow ($21) to add feathered strokes upwards.

Slick Woods



To finish the look, Riddle opted for a minimal, fresh lip to compliment the bold cat-eye. Using a new shade of Stila’s cult-favorite Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick (launching on July 15), the makeup artist applied a sheer wash of color for a flushed, subtle lip with plenty of shine. Add a layer of Stila's Plumping Lip Glaze ($24) in Angelico if you’re craving a more glossy finish.

Like the original, the Gossip Girl reboot is an ode to New York glamour. In 2021, however, that means fewer long lashes and pink-frosted lips, and more deliberately minimal skin and bold eye makeup.

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