Our Favorite Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Anna Wintour

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Everyones face changes as they get older. Sometimes, things we used to emphasize become things we want to hide. Sometimes we want to emphasize new things. So while you may have spent 60-plus years of your life figuring out what hairstyles look best on you, don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting a change. You shouldn't let fear dictate how you carry yourself, and ultimately that includes how you wear your hair. You're going to look good with a cut and color you're comfortable with, but that absolutely doesn't mean it has to be the one you've had forever.

You should actively consider your face shape and hair texture when choosing a style, but there are plenty of other tiny things that factor into the decision. How much upkeep do you want to do? Do you live an active life? More than others, some hairstyles will just feel right. To aid you in finding a new look, we've rounded up some beautiful women who found a style that flatters their features, along with tips from stylists Adam Livermore and Richy Kandasamy.

Meet the Expert

• Adam Livermore is a hairstylist and international educator at Oribe, based in New York City.

• Richy Kandasamy is a professional colorist and member of the R+Co collective.

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Big and Bouncy Volume

Christie Brinkley

There are few people in this world more well-known for their beauty than Christie Brinkley. From the late 1970s to today, she's consistently represented the laid-back, California style of looking good. (Admittedly, it doesn't come as easy to most of us as it does her.) She keeps her hair long and wavy—and she's proof you don't always have to change your hair as you grow older.

"To get that perfect ‘Bardot’ blonde you will want to use a great toning mask like R+Co Sunset Blvd Blonde Toning Masque ($42) to combat yellow brassy tones and to nourish locks," recommends Kandasamy.

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Voluminous Curls

Angela Bassett

Angela Bassett looks so good that it's almost unbelievable she's old enough to qualify for this article. Here, her natural hair serves as an accessory to her long face, drawing attention to it and framing it beautifully. Note how it's cut just below her shoulders, providing a demure quality to a haircut that would be too wide were it any shorter.

"For styling, R+Co Zig Zag Root Teasing + Texture Spray ($29) is perfect for hold at the root and big '60s volume," says Kandasamy. "You will also want to finish with R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray ($35) for light hold and movement."

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Center Part With Waves

Barbara Hershey in a black dress from the chest up
Jeff Vespa/Wireimage/Getty Images

Barbara Hershey looks way younger than she is. It's striking that she's in her 60s. However, she's another great example of a woman in her 60s who can proudly wear her hair long without a second thought.

Long hair is great on square, round, and heart-shaped faces, and it's better the thicker the hair is. If your hair is thin, length could pull it down, forcing it to fall limp against your head.

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Lob with Texture

Ellen Barkin at 2016 Tribeca Film Festival
Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images

The iconic Ellen Barkin looks as fabulous as ever with a wavy shoulder-length bob. It's trendy amongst women decades younger than her, but she easily pulls it off because it's perfect for her fine hair. And luckily, shoulder-length hair is flattering on all face shapes. 

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Thick With Softness

Maria Shriver

Frazer Harrison/Staff/Getty

Maria Shriver has the kind of coarse, thick hair that thin-haired people dream of. It looks great in long layers, which frame her face and allow for her to push it behind her ears. The gentle waves provide softness, and the shade is dynamic. Brown with heavy blonde highlighting is a good option for people who don't want the commitment of blonde but want something a little more interesting than plain brown.

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Short Pixie With Volume

Kris Jenner in a white blouse and blue blazer
Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Kris Jenner may have the most famous daughters on the planet, but she's a style icon in her own right. She almost exclusively wears her hair in a short pixie with lots of volume up top, or at least it's been a long time since she wore anything different. With a rounder face like hers, volume is the key to pulling off a pixie, as it lengthens your face.

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Bob With Bangs

Mary Streenburgen in a red dress from the chest up, wearing a dark brown shoulder length bob with blunt cut bangs
Paul Archuleta/Stringer/Getty Images

Bangs can wipe off years off a face, and Mary Steenburgen is living proof of that. Her blunt cut is youthful, while the neat and uniform length radiates an elegant maturity.

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Feathered With Highlights


Stephen Lovekin / Staff / Getty Images

Celebrities come and go, but someone we're glad has stuck around is Madonna, who seems to laugh in the face of age. One thing we love about her is that she does whatever she wants, and her hair is no exception. These days, she's usually either wearing her hair in loose curls or perfectly tight double braids, but we also love the feathered, highlighted 'do seen here.

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Getty Images

Former Paris Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld would have a hard time being anything but trendy, but her mussy shag haircut makes her even more so. It gives off all the vibes Roitfeld embodies: edgy, cool, and very sophisticated, even though it's a less-styled route than most women her age take.

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Diedre Hall with layered hair in a brown jacket and white collared shirt
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

If you want to keep your hair longer, as actress Deidre Hall has, there's a good chance you'll want your stylist to cut in layers. Layers add a little oomph to a hairstyle, just enough to get it in motion. Make sure the layers are longer and start at your chin or near it, because that keeps the look modern.

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No-Nonsense Ponytail

Oprah Winfrey

 John Phillips/Stringer/Getty

Being older doesn't mean you can't get away with wearing a sleek ponytail. Oprah Winfrey wears one all the time, and usually completes her look with loud glasses that match her outfit.

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Susan Sarandon
Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Susan Sarandon is a living example of how well embracing your natural hair texture can turn out. Sarandon has naturally wavy hair, and doesn't bother trying to tame or straighten it with the blow dryer/flat iron combo people with textured hair know so well. It works for her.

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Burgundy Updo

Megan Mullally

Megan Mullaly's burgundy locks are proof that there are worse things than not being able to hang onto your natural color. She's sported this shade for years, and while it's not naturally occurring, it doesn't look unnatural.

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Bouncy and Long

Kevin Winter for Getty Images

Beverly Johnson's long, lush, and lovely hair shows that you can have gorgeous long hair well after age 30. The key is in your hair's health. You could try a supplement with biotin in it, or do semi-regular keratin treatments. But don't be afraid to get hair extensions (which Johnson is admittedly wearing here) to make your hair fuller and lusher.

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Tousled Bob

Diane Keaton

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"Diane Keaton always has great hair," says Livermore. "I love that she wears her natural color and her styles are always classic but also a little tousled and frisky."

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Long and Wavy

Michelle Pfeiffer


Monica Schipper / Stringer / Getty

Michelle Pfeiffer may not be in the spotlight today as much as she used to be, but that doesn't mean she's not a household name. The former Catwoman ended her hiatus from acting recently, immediately joining the casts of audience-favorite movies like Avengers: Endgame and Mother!. Her hair here is wild and loose, as un-done as it is done, proving that overgrooming isn't always how you'll get your best results.

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Short and Edgy



Brian Ach / Stringer / Getty

If there's one thing we can be sure of with Iman, it's that she's not afraid of a hairstyle change. Pictures of her taken months apart sometimes look like they're decades apart, and sometimes she looks the same in pictures from the 90s and early 2000s as she does today. Here, she works an edgy cut that might say "can I speak to your manager?" on someone else, but can be pulled off by anyone with a little confidence and a great outfit.

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Blunt Bangs

Jane Seymour, celebrity mother of twins
Michael Tullberg / Getty Images

Jane Seymour has always worn her hair long—it's sort of her trademark. But there's a point to it, because it works beautifully for her. Here, her blunt, thick bangs complement the length, framing her face and the (barely noticeable) layers. Notice that the layers themselves add just the right amount of volume to her straight hair.

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Long and Natural

Chaka Khan

Shirlaine Forrest / Contributor / Getty

Chaka Khan's willingness to wear her hair not only natural, but long, is something that predates widespread public acceptance of natural hair. Nobody has ever told Chaka Khan exactly who she should or shouldn't be, or if they have she hasn't listened. If this is your hair type, you can wear Khan's long coils shown here. If the hairstyle you want hasn't popped up on this list, don't worry—it's better to have something you're happy with than limit yourself to what's been recommended online.

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Wavy Lob

Jessica Lange

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor

As Livermore notes, Jessica Lange is a great example of knowing what works for you. "Her hair length is always just grazing the base of her neck and her styles are always soft, smooth and voluminous," he says. "But, even while staying within those parameters, she does vary her looks a little bit to keep it fresh."

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