Goop Is Launching an All-Natural Beauty Line!

Gwyneth Paltrow is arguably the authority on the organic, all-natural lifestyle; and even if you're not on board with what her Internet content brand, Goop, is selling (macrobiotic food, colonic cleanses, gluten-free baked goods, and mental detoxes, to name a few things), it's hard to deny that it's worked for Paltrow. The proof is in the (vegan) pudding, and her ageless glow and all-around flawlessness make her a walking advertisement for Goop-endorsed everything. Well, come January 2016, you can, hopefully, get the same skin of a Goop girl, as the brand is launching a six-piece beauty line, reports Racked. In keeping with Goop's mission, it will be an all-natural skincare collection, in connection with established all-natural beauty brand Juice Beauty, with whom Goop has an existing relationship (Juice Beauty products are already sold on the site). Blair Lawson, who heads up beauty at Goop and used to work for Beautycounter (a site whose mission statement is to get safe beauty products into the hands of everyone), told Racked that Goop Beauty will focus on clean, non-toxic products and combine commerce with customer education. From Honest Beauty to Goop Beauty, natural-beauty fanatics have a slew of new releases to be excited about in the coming months. 

What do you hope is part of the Goop skincare line? With six pieces, we're envisioning a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, serum, and perhaps some targeted anti-aging treatments. Here's to hoping! Share your thoughts below!