These Were the Top Trending Beauty Searches on Google in 2020

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Our everyday beauty needs drastically changed in 2020—and subsequently, so did the way we use Google. Amid a global pandemic, the shelter-in-place mandates and statewide shutdowns made it searching for the best hair salons and luxury spas entirely unnecessary. Instead, we found ourselves researching at-home beauty solutions and detailed DIYs to bring back a bit of normalcy to our routines (and contend with what was happening to our skin, hair, and nails as a result). This year's Google "Year in Search" proves that fact.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the key beauty searches that experienced a high spike in 2020 as compared to 2019. It's fascinating and understandably marks an entirely new era of beauty and wellness solutions. Spoiler: We all had a lot of questions about haircare, color, and styling. Keep scrolling to see what made the trending list in the United States.

  • How to Cut Men’s Hair at Home: No one was prepared to be an at-home barber, but like many things in 2020, the unexpected has become a reality. With so many questions revolving around how to cut men’s hair at home, we weren’t surprised to see this search gaining traction this year. Blending with shears and tapering isn't exactly everyone's "thing," but luckily some barbers took their business to the streets like this hairstylist who set up shop under the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • How to Plop Hair: While you may have never heard of “hair plopping” prior to the pandemic, according to Google, the heat-free styling technique exploded with searches as many looked for ways to care for the natural hair without the help of a professional. Looking for style inspiration before you get to hair plopping? Look no further, because our guide to perfect curls has all the inspo you need.
  • How to Style Curtain Bangs: Without the ability to sit in a salon chair, many people began to panic about their bangs hitting its “awkward stage.” In hopes of getting some advice about ways to style their newly grown out curtain bangs, Google exploded with searches. This isn't the first time curtain bangs have had their time in the limelight either but like all good trends, it's all about the comeback.
  • How to Color Your Hair At Home: Imagine the sheer horror people felt as their roots began to show. Filled with panic, many headed to the popular search engine for detailed tutorials on how to color their hair at home. Luckily, trained professionals have shared their secrets to perfecting at-home coloring, but before you get into all of that you may want to pick the perfect boxed dye.
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  • How to Cut Women’s Hair: For some hair enthusiasts, cutting their own hair comes as second nature. For others, not so much. With most local hair salons closed due to safety concerns, women jumped at the opportunity to learn the dos and don’ts of cutting their hair at home with our complete step-by-step guide. And if you messed that up, we had you covered with a guide on how to fix your mistakes.
  • How to Fade Hair: The art of fading hair became a mystery many wanted to solve in 2020. With searches on how to fade hair at home seeing a significant rise since the year prior, it is clear that having a tight fade is a must-have. With the guidance of a trained barber, achieving the look is not as hard as you think—see for yourself!
  • How to Trim Your Own Hair: Learning how to trim your own hair proved to be an important skill for many Americans, who were left to care for their own tresses. With so many techniques available on the internet, it was crucial for Byrdie to get expert advice on how to trim your own hair without making any unnecessary mistakes. Also crucial: having the right tools.
  • How to Dermaplane: Without the ability to book a facial treatment, people eagerly went on a hunt for ways to care for their skin at home. Not-so-surprisingly, the act of exfoliating and removing the hair from your face, also known as dermaplaning, gained tons of traction. You'll find dermaplaning tools starting at $5 here.
  • How to Do Knotless Braid: For eons, braids have been the number one go-to for those in search of protective hairstyles. As expected, without access to professional hairstylists, many headed to the internet to learn how to achieve stylish knotless braids to maintain their healthy hair. Thankfully, we already had a detailed DIY about how to braid your own hair at home.

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