No One's Really Using These Skincare Products Anymore


Dermalogica Australia

We pinpoint growing skincare trends by analyzing the market, chatting with dermatologists and buyers, and picking up sound bites from conversations with our fellow editors and friends. In doing so, we've learned about derma-rolling (thanks, Victoria!), cryofacials, and the latest and greatest products that do everything from erasing wrinkles to clearing acne. And, unsurprisingly, Google is equally as tuned in as we are, as evidenced by their latest Beauty Trends 2017 report.

In it, they've compiled the most-searched beauty queries from September 2014 through September 2016 and removed any seasonal effect to gather trend patterns. After filtering the information, they were able to identify the sustained risers (searches that have seen steady growth over the past few years), seasonal risers (queries that fluctuate throughout the years), and rising stars (sudden growth within the past few months). They also identified the sustained decliners, seasonal decliners, and falling stars. Learn more below.

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