10 Things Girls With Perfect Skin Always Do

Updated 04/16/19
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Message to girls with perfect skin: We simultaneously admire and loathe you (sorry!). On one hand, should we really resent you for the fortune you’ve been bestowed? On the other—so not fair.

However, rather than stew in jealousy, we’ve decided to take the high road. And by that we mean, we made our favorite poreless celebs divulge their skin secrets, immediately. When doing our research into the good skin habits our favorite Hollywood icons follow, we found some common denominators… Keep scrolling to see 10 pieces of simple skincare advice from Miranda Kerr, Gabrielle Union, Kristen Stewart, and more.

Miranda Kerr Dry Brush
Michael Buckner/Getty

1. They Know How to Work a Dry-Brush

Miranda Kerr said she dry-brushes her body before showering because it “aids circulation and lymphatic drainage.” Not sure how to start? Here’s our comprehensive guide.

Gabrielle Union Ice

2. They Know That Ice Is a Low-Maintenance Cure-All

Gabrielle Union goes to extremes when her skin is “dead to the world”: She submerges her face in ice water. “Not only does it wake you up, but it’ll also tighten your pores and make you skin feel smooth,” she says. If you're looking for more ways to incorporate ice into your beauty routine, we have a suggestion.

Zosia Mamet Honey and Sugar scrub
Chelsea Lauren/Getty

3. They Put the Right Foods on Their Faces

On a press trip to London, Girls actress Zosia Mamet pulled a decidedly un-Shoshanna-like move and scrubbed her face with honey and sugar to brighten her dull skin. Read on for more of Mamet’s beauty tips and to find out what other foods belong on your face.

Kristen Stewart Dermalogica
Anadaolu Agency/Getty

4. They Never Skip Moisturizer

“My biggest thing is to keep my face hydrated and healthy with a lot of moisturizer,” Kristen Stewart told us in the beginning of the year. “I use creams from Dermalogica and Dr. Hauschka.” If you continue reading, you might be surprised by Stewart’s other favorites.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Andrew Toth/Getty

5. They Use the Right Products for Their Skin Types

Mary-Kate and Ashley may be known for their billowy chic style, but their beauty routine is much simpler. In fact, Ashley told us she only uses products from one brand: Biologique. “I’m a die-hard fan,” she says. “It’s really helped my skin.” Props to her for knowing a good thing when it’s going on. To read the rest of the interview, click here. And if you need help finding the best SPF, cleanser, or exfoliator for your skin type, we’ve got you covered, too.

Vanessa Hudgens Concealer

6. They’ve Mastered the Art of Concealer

When it comes to purse essentials, Vanessa Hudgens told us there’s one thing that always makes her list: Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage Concealer ($32). For five concealer tricks to up your beauty game, click here.

Lea Michele Exfoliate

7. They Get Excited About Exfoliating

Lea Michele told us that she swears by a homemade brown sugar, sea salt, and olive oil body scrub. “I have a whole basket of concoctions I’ve made in my bathroom!” she says. Click here to read the rest of her beauty picks.

Kristen Bell DIY beauty

8. They Have a Good Skin DIY (or 2) Under Their Belts

“I like to have a bit of fresh rose water with me,” Kristen Bell once told us. “I just mix a little rose essential oil with water and keep it in a little bottle to spray on my face when I get off the plane. You can use peppermint or lavender essential oils, too.” Here’s another skin soother you can DIY to soothe irritated skin.

Amanda Seyfried SPF

9. They Always Use SPF

“I always have on SPF!” Amanda Seyfried said, when we asked her the one skin product she can’t do without. She says she reaches for Neutrogena’s Sunscreen ($9) because it’s easy to spray on. Here’s how to find the best SPF for your skin type.

Jaime King No Sleeping in Makeup

10. They Always Wash Their Faces—No Excuses

“My mother always told me to wash your face, no matter what,” Jaime King told us when we asked for the secret to her perfect skin. “I don’t care how tired and lazy you feel! Sleeping in your makeup is so bad and toxic to your skin.” Preach.

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This story was originally published on September 15, 2014. 


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