We Tried All of Good Light's Products—Here Are Our Thoughts

The gender-inclusive brand launched with three skincare products.

David Yi has always been a voice in the beauty industry that inspires us. In 2016, he launched his digital publication Very Good Light to celebrate beauty beyond the binary. Through the content and community he's developed, Yi has fostered powerful conversations that redefine masculinity and encourage everyone to celebrate their inner and outer light. But, Yi's work to make the beauty industry more inclusive doesn't stop there. His newest venture, Good Light, offers personal care products for all people. 

Yi worked with Supergoop's former head of direct-to-consumer Michael Engert to develop Good Light. Together, they were able to create a collection of products that are not only "clean" but also capture the fluidity of today's world. The gender-inclusive line launched with three products: the Cosmic Dew Water Cleanser ($18), the Moon Glow Milky Toning Lotion ($22), and the We Come In Peace Probiotics Serum ($24). Ahead, we put each product to the test. Keep scrolling for our honest review of Good Light.

Olivia Hancock, associate editor

Olivia Hancock

Byrdie / Design by Tiana Crispino

What it is: Described as a celestial gel-to-foam multi-purpose cleanser, the Cosmic Dew Water Cleanser ($18) gently removes all dirt and impurities to help balance your skin. It's formulated with glycerin, laminaria japonica (a hydrating seaweed species), fructooligosac-charides (a prebiotic that calms sensitivity), and hyaluronic acid.

The review: "This is one of the most hydrating cleansers to ever touch my face. I've been using it daily for nearly a month—and my skin loves it. It creates the most luxurious lather when it comes into contact with water. And when I rinse it off, my skin always feels refreshed but not stripped. It also leaves my skin with a healthy glow. While I'm obsessed with the immediate results it provides, I also appreciate that this provides long-term results as well. Because it is crafted with ingredients like glycerin, this cleanser works to improve skin barrier function over time."

Hallie Gould, associate editorial director

Hallie Gould

Byrdie / Design by Tiana Crispino

What it is: The Moon Glow Milky Toning Lotion($22) hydrates, gently exfoliate, and smooths. It contains niacinamide, ceramides, snow mushroom (an ultra-hydrating ingredient), and meadowfoam seed oil (a fatty acid that improves healing in damaged skin). 

The review: I am obsessed with this toner. After many years of exfoliating formulas (I still love an acid but I'm trying to be kinder to my skin), all I want in a product is hydrating, nourishing, and soothing goodness. The Milky Toning Lotion checks all those boxes. It has ceramides (my favorite for skin barrier protection), meadowfoam seed oil to keep inflammation in check, and some AHAs to get that glow I love. It's so cushiony and makes my skin so happy and healthy. I'm such a fan.

Key Ingredients

Meadowfoam (a.k.a. Limnanthes alba) seed oil is derived from meadowfoam seeds and is composed of mostly fatty acids and antioxidants. The emollient helps lock in moisture and soften skin.

Saleam Singleton, beauty writer and content producer 

Saleam Singleton

Byrdie / Design by Tiana Crispino

What it is: The We Come In Peace Probiotics Serum ($24) enhances your skin's microbiome. After slathering it on, it works to hydrate, protect, and calm your skin. You'll find bakuchiol, lactococcus ferment lysate (a probiotic that creates a robust skin barrier), carrot seed oil, and blue tansy (an ingredient that soothes inflammation) in the serum's formula. 

The review: "I've been using the We Come In Peace Probiotic Serum for over a month. First of all, it's the perfect light texture for layering. I can wear it under my sunscreen and not have to worry about sweating out my face mask. The blue tansy makes it super soothing, so I've been using it at night as well. It also feels great on my skin in between shaving when my skin can be irritated. It uses some of my favorite oils like moringa and carrot seed—while not leaving my skin oily. I'd say this is a good serum for summer when most of us have to let go of the layers for a few months. I'm happy with how healthy and dewy my skin has been looking while using it."

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