This Model-Approved Makeup Trick Will Make Your Nose Look Smaller


Getty Images

Jasmine Sanders took to Vogue's YouTube to reveal her secrets to contouring her nose. "Golden Barbie" is her name for this gorgeous, sculpted face of makeup that she achieves in two minutes and 28 seconds flat—and while she calls it a beach look, we'd wear this during the day or even on a night out.

Aside from watching her carefully place concealer, blush, and lip liner for fuller lips with awe, we thought the most notable tip she suggests is a (completely free) way to slim your nose: Use your powder brush—instead of having to buy a new, smaller option—and pinch the bristles together to apply a horizontal contour line on the bridge of your nose. Sanders notes, "It'll just lift your nose up the tiniest bit." She finishes up with Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter ($38) down her nose. Seconds later, the results are subtle but absolutely visible.

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