Golde Launches Shroom Shield To Help Boost Your Immunity (and Fight Stress)

It's like a healthy chocolate milk.

Issey Kobori, Golde Shroom Shield

Issey Kobori

Mushrooms are kind of having a moment right now and with good reason. The superfood has proven to be just as beneficial on our bodies as it is in our food. In your moisturizer or serum, mushrooms like reishi hydrate and smooth fine lines. In your smoothies, supplements, teas, and meals, mushrooms like chaga boost your gut health and immune system. If you’re not completely sold on the taste of our favorite fungi, Golde is making it easier (and tastier) to reap the health benefits. Golde’s latest launch harnesses the immune-boosting and stress-busting power of reishi in the new Shroom Shield ($22) supplement.

Golde, Shroom Shield
Golde Shroom Shield $22.00

"Shroom Shield is nostalgic cocoa meets functional mushrooms for immunity and stress defense. I've been drinking it everyday over ice and it's basically a healthy chocolate milk." Trinity Mouzon Wofford, co-founder & CEO of Golde tells Byrdie via email. "I'm really proud of how Shroom Shield continues to prove that wellness can be easy, approachable and fun for all."

Key ingredients in the supplement are reishi and turkey tail mushroom. This combo helps to boost immunity and help support stress relief. Reishi mushrooms are often used in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve stress and help strengthen the immune system. Turkey Tail mushrooms are also anti-viral and contain vitamins D and B.

Other plant-based and vegan ingredients you’ll find in the mix include coconut milk, cinnamon, salt, and raw cacao for that chocolaty flavor. There’s also monk fruit which adds a touch of natural sweetness, without added calories.

Issey Kobori, Golde Shroom Shield

Issey Kobori

While you can enjoy the superfood supplement any way you like we do have a quick, easy latte recipe care of Golde. Just pour 2 oz. of hot water over 1 tablespoon of shroom shield, whisk and pour over ice and 8 oz. of milk of your choice. There you have it, de-stress and boost your immune system with your new go-to latte.

Shroom Shield is available now on

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