Golde Is the Black-Owned Wellness Brand We Can't Get Enough Of


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We obsess over every ingredient we put on our bodies, and we indulge in beauty treatments in the constant pursuit of baby-soft skin and shiny hair. We even take time to work on our mental health—as we should—through meditation and relaxation. But for some reason, when it comes to our internal beauty routine, we're lucky if we get our required daily water intake. Thankfully, there's a wellness brand that's on a mission to boost our daily routine, from skincare to our morning smoothie, because although it's easy to forget, you are what you eat. Allow us to introduce Golde, an accessible wellness brand with products that can help you look and feel your best, inside and out. Ahead, here is team Byrdie's top Golde picks.


  • Founded: Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Issey Kobori, 2017
  • Based In: Brooklyn, NY
  • Pricing: $$
  • Best Known For: Natural and vegan elixirs and skincare at an affordable price point 
  • Most Popular Product: Superfood Latte Sampler
  • Fun Fact: Golde was built without the help of investors, and when it launched at Sephora in 2019, Mouzon Wofford became the youngest woman of color ever to launch a brand at the beauty retailer. 
  • Other Brands You'll Love: Cocokind, Vital Proteins, Moon Juice

While most wellness-focused brands feel unattainable (both in price and through the imagery of a certain lifestyle), Golde, a Black-owned, superfood-fueled brand, makes wellness products more accessible and easy to use—and they look cute on your counter to boot. The colorful and cheery packaging feels approachable, while the natural and vegan-friendly formulas are as good for you as they taste and smell. 

Golde launched in January of 2017 with a single product—a powdered turmeric-and-coconut tonic—and has since developed 13 additional good-for-you SKUs. In just four years, the brand grew out of a one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment and now boasts a retail footprint that includes wellness shops and indie beauty sites to big-name commerce like Goop and Target. A sift through Golde's product list currently includes gorgeously packaged tonics to good-for-you lattes to fruity face masks. 

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Original Turmeric Superfood Latte Blend

Original Turmeric Latte Blend
Golde Original Turmeric Latte Blend $29.00

The latte that started it all, this turmeric-packed powder contains coconut, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper. Turmeric has been used for centuries in Ayurveda, and is known as the ultimate superfood for skin and gut health. It's known to banish bloating and boost immunity. The coconut base makes this blend creamy and contains healthy fats like medium-chain triglycerides, which can support hair, skin, and nail health and boost metabolism. For a wellness boost, add a couple of scoops to your morning coffee or steamed milk of choice.

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Cacao Turmeric Superfood Latte Blend

Cacao Turmeric Latte Blend
Golde Cacao Turmeric Latte Blend $29.00

Consider this mix of cacao, coconut, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and black pepper the equivalent of a cozy hot chocolate—but with a serious superfoods boost. While it may taste like a cheat drink, you'll reap the wellness benefits of turmeric (for gut health), iron-, magnesium-, and calcium-packed cacao, and coconut, which encourage metabolism and support healthy hair and skin and nails. 

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Pure Matcha

Pure Matcha
Golde Pure Matcha $28.00

Made with 100% pure, shade-grown green tea leaves from Uji, Japan, Golde's matcha is great in smoothies, lattes, desserts, and more. You can even make these vegan matcha cheesecake bars with it to curb your sweet tooth. Matcha is a natural source of chlorophyll, antioxidants, amino acids, and L-theanine, which promotes focus without the jitters or caffeine crash. And speaking of caffeine, one teaspoon of pure matcha boasts more caffeine than a shot of espresso. If you're trying to wean yourself off coffee, this is the magic powder to help you do it.

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Clean Greens Face Mask

clean greens face mask
Golde Clean Greens Face Mask $34.00

Golde doesn't just bring supplement-grade products to your kitchen cabinet, it's also known for clean face masks. Clarify your skin and get your complexion glowing with this detoxifying mask that's packed with mango juice, marshmallow root, spirulina, and chlorella powders. Mix one teaspoon of mask powder with a few drops of water to create a creamy, gel consistency, and apply an even layer for 10–15 minutes. The Clean Greens Face Mask will be like a green smoothie for your skin.

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Superfood Latte Sampler

Superfood Latte Sampler
Golde Superfood Latte Sampler $22.00

This sampler of travel-friendly sachets currently has 411 five-star reviews on the brand's website. Previously sold out, this supercute now-back-in-stock box is packed with 12 travel-friendly sachets of three superfood latte flavors: turmeric for radiant skin, matcha for a natural caffeine boost, and cacao for a mood booster. Keep it on your kitchen counter for easy mixing, or toss it in your bag for a wellness boost on the go. Blend one sachet with your favorite hot or cold drink, and you're good to go.

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Shroom Shield

shroom shield
Golde Shroom Shield $22.00

If you have a sweet tooth that calls for creamy cocoa, this sweet elixir will curb your cravings and give you a much-needed daily immunity boost. Add it to your favorite hot or cold drink, like coffee or milk, and let the iron-, magnesium-, and calcium-loaded cacao improve your mood. Reishi mushroom in this Shroom Shield (an ingredient used for centuries in herbalism and traditional Chinese medicine) keeps stress levels at bay, while probiotics in turkey tail mushroom keep your gut healthy.

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Coconut Collagen Boost

Coconut Collagen Boost
Golde Coconut Collagen Boost $22.00

The newest product in Golde's lineup is this coconut elixir that will give your beauty routine and the drink of your choice (think: coffee, matcha, lattes, and smoothies) a refreshing boost. This 100% plant-based collagen powder is packed with coconut and bamboo extract to support your body’s own natural collagen production for hair, skin, and nail health. Plus, it tastes like summer in a cup.

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Super-Ades Kit

Super-Ades Kit
Golde Super-Ades Kit $40.00

This stick-pack trio is just what you need to give your plain water a juicy wellness boost. The Debloat Ade is packed with sweet pineapple flavor from real pineapple juice and promotes healthy digestion. The Destress Ade is made with real blueberry juice and boasts a healthy helping of magnesium and lemon balm extract. Finally, the Skin Hydration Ade tastes like juicy watermelon and is formulated with pomegranate juice, hyaluronic acid, and amla berry extract to keep you nice and hydrated. And the best part is the Super-Ades Kit allows you to discover all three flavors at a discounted price.

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