The 25 Best Gold Nail Designs Instagram Has to Offer

red nails with gold accent


Gold embodies luxury and taste no matter how you wear it, but our method du jour is on our nails. You can embrace the timeless golden nail look art in so many ways—glitter, foil, metallic, matte, textured—the options are endless. Whether you're looking for gold nail designs that are dripping in the metallic hue or different ways to wear a subtle accent nail, Instagram has no shortage of options. To help you decide which aesthetic is right for you, we scoured the platform to find some of the best gold nail designs to date. Ahead, our 25 favorite ways to wear gold nail designs.

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Heart

These holo heart nails are whimsical and fun.

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Golden Holographic French

When it comes to nail designs, less isn't always more. So why not double up on the French-tip holographic look with a gold outline for double the fun and glam?

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Gold Foil

Nothing makes a metallic gold pop more than a black background. We love this combo and foiled look.

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Subtle Stars

Sometimes, less is more. This tiny subtle star is the perfect addition to this navy mani.

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Over the Moon

These tiny painted gold crescent moons are out of this world. (See what we did there?)

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Gold Dust

Placing gold, star-speckled glitter on the upper, lower, or side portion of the nail is a perfect way to add some flare to your mani without verging on full-on bling.

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Glitter All-Over

Glitter is a neutral, right?

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Rose Gold Tips

How about a fancy twist on a traditional French manicure? Swap the white tips for gold (or in this case rose gold).

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Wax Seal

The gold, textured ring on one nail reminds us of an old-school wax seal.

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Peach and Gold

Stark gold not your thing? Create a thin line outline along the base and pair it with a peachy hue—it's pure perfection.

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Slanted Foils

This negative space mani pops just at the edges with the most delicate gold foil appliqué.

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Simple Streaks

Sometimes less is more. Yep, even when it comes to nail art. In this mani, these thin gold lines stand out beautifully yet simply on a pure white background.

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Lots of Lines

Almost creating a web-like vibe, these assorted straight lines intersect one another and create an eye-catching design on top of a neutral base.

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Striping Tape

These thin, straight lines make for the perfect geometric designs.

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Gold Minimalism

One part elegance, one part bold—this minimalist manicure is what golden dreams are made of. For bonus points, pair with thin gold midi rings and fully commit to this metal moment.

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Art Deco

What's better than gold? When it's paired with art deco digits. Adorn your nails with these perfectly painted stripes or the ultimate glam-icure.

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Call it a trefoil, call it a honeycomb, whatever you call it—this intricate pattern created with gold foil is a stunning way to rock some gold nail art.

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Gold Meets Matte

Nothing makes a matte polish pop like a simple, gold accent.

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Why wear a statement ring when you can opt for 10 mini-statement jewels in your manicure? These gold digits recreate the look of a gorgeous cocktail ring—but on your nails!

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Lots of Leopard

What's better than leopard print nails? Gold leopard print nails.

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Emerald City

Emerald and gold gives us Wizard of Oz vibes.

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Mixed Media

Glitter, foil, and glue-ons make for a high-impact manicure.

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Marble and Gold Flakes

Adding golden flakes to this teal marble mani adds the perfect amount of pizzaz.

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Pink Perfection

Pink and gold... enough said.

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Mix and Mingle

Who says nail art has to be cohesive? Let each nail have its own nod to gold.

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