16 Stunning Gold Eyeshadow Looks to Wear All Year Round

The shade enhances every eye shape and color.

gold eyeshadow


Gold has long been revered as the color of wealth, royalty, and luxury. While there are many places to embrace this precious and highly sought-after metal, we love it even more in our makeup than we do for jewelry. From sparkly shadow looks to sheer golden tones swept across the lids, gold shadow isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. Ahead, we've rounded up some stunning golden eyeshadow looks you can wear all year round to give you all the inspiration you need—we already know you'll look great in each and every one.

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Golden Wash

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Wash Dove Cameron


A sheer and sheen wash of golden shadow on the lids paired with a neutral lipstick is a great way to incorporate gold into your makeup look without it looking over the top. The color delicately graces the lids just enough to add a chic touch to an overall classic makeup look.

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Golden and Sun-Kissed

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Sun-Kissed


Sun-kissed and natural, this sheer and golden shadow gives off a glow no one can deny and pairs well with soft, nude makeup tones on the cheeks and lips. With the tiniest bit of bronze included, this color looks beautiful on any skin tone.

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Golden Glam

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Glam Gigi Hadid

Getty Images

Bring your A-game with this glamorous golden eyeshadow look—the lids are decked out to the max with gold shadow and glitter, with warm neutral tones all over to complement it. It's simply gorgeous.

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Antique Gold

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Antique


All that glitters is definitely gold in this showcase of stunning golden glitter on the lids paired with abstract lines to define and contour the rest of the eyes. For the glitter, try Lemonhead LA's Gildebeest Spacepaste Glitter in Champagne Wishes ($22) on eyelids.

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Golden Contrast

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Contrast


Pairing gold with contrasting colors is a remarkable way to showcase your hard work on your eyelids. The detail of the cobalt blue eyeliner on the inner rim of the eyes paired with the golden tones on the lids really work together to make this look everything it should be.

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Foiled and Glistening Gold

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Glistening


A swipe of glistening gold cream shadow adds a gilded touch to the lids that looks radiant in the sunlight. This golden shadow look is minimal yet makes a big statement—we love how it enhances the inner corners for a boost of radiance.

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Golden Sunrise

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Sunrise


Light, soft golden tones applied to the lids with deeper gold blended in the crease creates a "sunrise" effect that is seriously gorgeous. The mixed gold tones shape and contour eyes in all the right places, and the slightly metallic finish on the lids is breathtaking.

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Metallic Gold Maven

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Metallic


Swipe some metallic gold shadow on the lids and pair it with liquid liner to create this unique look that enhances the shape of your eyes in the best way possible. The contrast between the gold and black, along with the delicate line work, shows us how makeup can truly be a work of art.

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Touch of Gold

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Subtle Neelofa

Getty Images

The tiniest hint of gold along the eyelids gives just enough shimmer and sparkle, while soft nude colors are blended in the crease and worn on the cheeks and lips. Gold can instantly enhance skin even when applied lightly, which is why it's such a beautiful color to wear in any season.

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Gold Smoke

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Smoky Chavi St. Hill


Gold that glistens on the eyelids paired with deeper shades makes way for a golden smoky shadow look that is gorgeous any time of the year. Wear it for a special occasion, or just because you feel like it—we highly approve either way. To create a smoky look, try using Natasha Denona's Bronze Eyeshadow Palette ($65) for lots of shadow pairing inspiration.

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Golden Glow

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Glow


Just a touch of gold defines the eyelids in the best way, while an allover dewy look ensures a radiant glow. By keeping things largely simple, you barely have to do anything to put emphasis on your eyes.

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Natural Golden Girl

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Natural Yara Shahidi

Getty Images

Gold eyeshadow is great for creating soft, natural makeup looks any time of year, and this example of soft gold blended on just the lids paired with shaped brows and highlighted skin is so effortless. Gold allows you to go as light as you want without sacrificing a beautiful finish.

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Hint of Gold, Pop of Color

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Colorful Isabela Merced


Continuing with our theory that gold and bright colors pair perfectly together, this look explains itself without us really having to do any extra work. The bright liner on the inner and outer corners of the eyes paired with bronze-gold eyelids is a look we won't be forgetting any time soon. The gold and bronze shadows from Urban Decay's Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette ($49) are perfect for recreating this look.

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Glittery and Glossy

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Glitter Lady Gaga


A touch of glitter, a smoky wing, and a beautiful shiny lip allow this gold eyeshadow look to radiate and shimmer in all the right places. You can apply whichever shimmery gold you want to the lids, then precisely apply and blend a darker shade before finishing your look with an allover dewy, glossy finish.

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Golden Soft Glam

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Soft Glamour Beyonce


Soft golden eyeshadow glam is the best kind because of how versatile it can be. In this case, gold eyeshadow is blended on the eyes and followed up with bronze shadows that ever so softly contour the crease. Eyeliner and a few coats of mascara finish the look off strong.

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Subtle and Sweet

Gold Eyeshadow Looks Subtle


Even the most subtle gold shadow makes a statement, like this glittery golden dream scattered just across the eyelids. Apply the shadow to lids in a packing motion with your brush or finger to ensure you get your desired level of sparkle.

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