If These Photos Don't Convince You to Get Goddess Braids, Nothing Will

Zoe Kravitz long box braids and smoky eye

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You might have seen a few gorgeous braid styles that resemble chunky cornrows on Instagram, but did you know that it has a particular name? They’re called goddess braids, and they’re one of the hottest hairstyles for natural and transitioning hair, thanks to their protective properties and pleasing visuals. However, it’s important to note that this style isn’t anything new. Goddess braids
date back to ancient Africa as a symbol of arts and creativity.

The most notable difference between goddess braids and regular cornrows is that the former is thicker in size and raised higher, which ultimately creates the goddess effect. Even better, they can be worn in a variety of ways. Up, down, sideways, and any other designs you can think of. The length of time it takes to get your goddess braids done ultimately depends on the skill of your braider and how elaborate you want to go. The install process can be as little as 30 minutes or take as long as two to three hours. The time trade-off is so worth it, though, since you can keep goddess braids in for up to six weeks.

If you need some inspiration before trying the style for yourself, check out these 45 goddess braid hairstyles that are wowing the Instagram crowd.

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Simple Ponytail

Ponytails are a style that might be old, but they’re also gold. Cornrow your entire head and follow through until you can’t braid anymore. Once your braids are established, you can wrap a few around the rest to create this queenly look.

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Goddess Bun

Next up on the list, a regal top knot bun. Secure the braids with bobby pins or a color-matched elastic. For added dimension, alternate between braid sizes throughout.

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Double Buns

What’s better than one bun? Two buns, of course! This style is perfect for the goddess who’s obsessed with symmetry.

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Pink Pony

Pink is a fun color. Why not put it in your hair? We particularly love it with this sky-high ponytail and Rapunzel length braids.

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Straight Back

For the lover of simplicity, straight-back braids are the answer. Sure, you can try to dress them up with fancy accessories, but you can also just wake up and go whenever you please. What’s better than that? 

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Most goddess braids are tight and neat, but it doesn’t have to be that way if it’s not your style. Looser braids tend to be better for your edges anyway, so kudos to you. Alicia Keys sported a carefree bohemian style that we’re still not over.

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Ponytail with Charms

When you feel like a goddess, there’s no harm in adding a few braid charms. Metallic colors always stand out. However, for brunettes, the warm tone in gold looks extra stunning against cool-dark tresses. 

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Don’t know whether you like your hair in a bun or down? Don’t worry; you can have the best of both worlds. Just make sure to ask your braider to create a pattern that will let you pull part of your hair up when you need to.

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Symmetrical Part

They say beauty is found in symmetry. You might as well apply that theory to goddess braids, too. For a touch of uniqueness, make sure to add an accent box braid on each side.

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Classic Bun

If you want to keep it classic, braids are a great option. Simply ask for straight-back cornrows and swoop your long ends into a low knot bun. You can also create a contrast with differently toned extensions.

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Sky High

If you want to make the biggest statement you possibly can, this ultra-high-top braid style is worth considering. It’s both artsy and intriguing. Though, you might want to make sure you duck before you enter through a door.

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Curly Ends

Braiding your hair could mean saying goodbye to your regular hair for a few weeks. If you feel like you’ll miss your locks, you don’t need to braid all the way down. Curly q’s look extra stunning with this look.

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Partial Pigtails

Pigtails are always cute. But you can give them a modern twist if you don’t commit all the way. We’re talking about a half-pigtail-half-down style with flirty tendrils left out in the front.

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Asymmetrical Blonde

Channel your inner Beyoncé with an asymmetrical braid style that screams “Lemonade” vibes. Make sure you get your braids done on your favorite selfie side. And bonus points if you opt for braids in a light brown or blonde hue. 

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Skinny Goddess Braids

Chunky braids might be having a moment right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t don a few thin ones. The other plus side? You can sport your hair sans extensions or save a few bucks by not needing so many.

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Whimsy Goddess

Take a break from tying your hair back and let your braids fall naturally. If you like a romantic look, curl your free ends. The texture is extra visible on blonde and other light shades.

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Unified Braid

If one braid is all you want to handle, you can start your goddess style with two and braid it down until it becomes a single plait. Adding length and curled ends provide all the drama you need for your unified braid. Though, a little gold yarn never hurts.

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Regal Ponytail

Getting a goddess braid ponytail doesn’t mean you have to keep your plaits the same size. You can easily alternate between sizes and create a unique pattern. Make your actual ponytail voluminous If you like a dramatic, regal touch.

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Two-Tone Tribe

Love blonde and brunette? You can opt for both hues and create a dimensional style that resembles highlights and lowlights. Don’t forget to add your beads, of course!

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Corset Fed

Being a goddess doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a needle and thread. This bold look will motivate you to master a corset stitch. You can even sneak in a few charms if you’re crafty. 

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Short Embellishments

Long goddess braids are popular, but short- and medium-length need love too. Here’s what you can expect if you ask a braider for a shoulder-length ponytail with charms.

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Snowflake Part

Don’t forget, you can braid in a pattern with your goddess style. We love this eight-pointed snowflake (or star if that’s what you prefer tall it) pattern. The design serves as a fun peekaboo crown without having to shave.

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Loose Half-Up

To make the style a bit more loose, leave the ends of some of the braids undone, and pile hair into a messy half-up style, with a few loose braids framing the face for good measure.

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Parted Ponytail

Are you curious about what a single goddess braid part looks like from the front? Here you go!

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Slicked-Back Stitch Braid

A slicked-back look is always beautiful, and it looks even better when it’s combined with a few stitch braids. The contrast is very striking.

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Red Curly Updo

A short goddess braid hairstyle with curly ends will create a gorgeous updo. And pairing it with a vibrant red will make you look like a flame.

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Threaded Ponytail

If braid charms aren’t your style, you can always wrap a few braids with decorative thread. This goddess braid ponytail looks stunning, especially when it's paired with a few alternating cornrows.

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Braided Halo

Do you want to feel like an angel? Then why don’t you try this halo goddess braid for a sent from heaven vibe? You can add a few accent braids for a modern twist.

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Rainbow Goddess

Sometimes you need a pop of color. Why not go for all of them while you’re at it? 

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Wrapped Low Buns

You can bring a sophisticated touch to your double buns by positioning them lower on your head. And if you’d like to dress them up, you can intertwine gold thread throughout.

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Red With Beads

Add a little romance to your everyday look with a crimson red hue and some beads throughout.

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Chunky Braids

What can we say? Chunky braids are just less fuss, and they look phenomenal. We recommend you give them a try when regular goddess braids just aren’t doing it for you.

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XL Braid

There’s beauty in simplicity. This glamorous, extra-long goddess braid proves it. Don’t you agree?

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White Ombre

Going for goddess braids that are let down like box braids give you the best of both worlds. You can enhance the look with gray-to-white ombre highlights.

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Red Space Buns

Goddess braids don’t have to be “serious.” You can still dabble in fun, festival-ready styles like space buns. This includes half-up-half-down variants as well.

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Goddess Braid Headband

Treat your goddess halo like an actual headband. You can even add in your favorite flowers as a natural accessory, if you wish.

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Accent Beads

We’re in love with this shoulder-length goddess braid style. The multicolored beads take it up a notch as well.

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Blue Goddess

If you dig fashion colors, you might want to try out a nice cobalt blue. Go for a Rapunzel length if you like a little drama.

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Curly Pigtails

Add some texture to your braided goddess pigtails by leaving your hair in voluminous waterfall curls. If you need help, don’t be afraid to whip out a curling wand, iron, or roller.

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Goddess Box Braids

We’ve shown you a lot of goddess braid styles that resemble box braids. But, here’s another one to capture your heart. 

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Purple-Gray Pony

Are you experimental with your colors? Then you’ll love this purple and gray goddess braid ponytail.

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Braided Fauxhawk

Fauxhawks always provide an edge, and this one is no different. Check out this intricate pattern and statement goddess braid. We’re sure you’ll save this look for a future braid appointment.

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Threaded Updo

Who doesn’t like a good old-fashioned updo? Here’s a twisted low goddess braid bun made new with antique gold thread.

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Goddess Pigtails

Instead of just sticking to the individual pigtail braids, go for an elaborate set with numerous plaits. For a more fun look, position them up high and smooth over your baby hairs.

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Burgundy Braids

They say a deep shade like burgundy symbolizes wealth, power, and ambition. That’s why it pairs so perfectly with adorned goddess braids.

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