Go Buy Now: Tata Harper's Aromatic Stress Treatment

I usually deal with stress in one of two ways: a run or a cocktail. Launching a website, however, leaves little time for either. So a few weeks prior to Byrdie’s launch I picked up Tata Harper’s Aromatic Stress Treatment ($80). Best case scenario, it’d actually chill me out. Worst case scenario, it would just smell delicious.

I started regularly rubbing it on my wrists and neck, inhaling three deep breaths of the fragrant mix of linden blossom, rose otto, and neroli each time. The first acts as a sedative, Harper promises the second alleviates anxiety, and the third can actually prevent panic attacks while soothing your nerves. There’s frankincense in there, too, to help you breathe more deeply. It might sound crazy, but I swear it works—and smells so soothing that you’ll find yourself rubbing it into your wrists even at your most relaxed.