Experts Say This Acid Is Like a Magic Eraser for Blackheads

Oh, blackheads. Let us count the ways we hate you. You pester our skin with tiny black pinprick blemishes that are equal parts stubborn and exasperating. It seems like no matter how diligent we think we're being with our skincare routine, there are always a few rogue blackheads that refuse to leave our pores, littering the skin across our nose, chin, or forehead. They just sit there, taunting us. "Will you stop at nothing?" we yell while shaking our fists to the sky and waiting for our pore-extracting face mask to work its magic. 

As far as anti-blackhead skincare goes, we've tried our fair share. Some products have worked wonders (like select retinol serums and an under-the-radar Nordic Silt Mask), while others have left much to be desired. One of our all-time favorite blackhead-removing product categories, though, has to be our varied collection of glycolic acid exfoliators. According to experts, our love of glycolic acid is founded on reason because the powerful skincare ingredient is basically the closest thing there is to a blackhead magic eraser.