Yes, Some Mascaras Have Gluten in Them, But These Versions Don't

It's in your best interest to avoid itchy, watery, and irritable eyes at all costs—not fun. Gluten-free mascaras are the way to go for those with sensitive eyes or people who are simply seeking good, natural, and eco-friendly ingredients and a formula that's not tested on animals. Many cosmetic brands are transparent about passing the Gluten-Free Certification Organization's (GFCO) stringent standards for being gluten-free, which requires less than 10 parts per million (ppm) or less of gluten in products. It's worth noting that having only 10 ppm of gluten in your mascara is less than what the FDA requires to slap a "gluten-free" label on mascara, so be wary and do your research when searching for legit options.

We did our research and a lot of reading to find the very best gluten-free options on the market. These gentle formulas deliver the same lash-lengthening, volumizing, lifting, and curling effects as the big dogs—just made with better and healthier stuff. Ahead are the 10 best gluten-free mascaras.