Gluten-Free Haircare Is a Thing—but Should You Care?



Even if you don’t suffer from a gluten intolerance, the protein has been shown to mess with our stomachs (and, more recently, our boobs). So when I heard about gluten-free haircare, I wanted to investigate. Giving up bread and pasta is, well, not an option for me. But if I could take part in the movement courtesy of some new beauty products, that’s certainly an idea I could get behind.

I did a little research and found haircare brand Abba, a line of shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that are completely gluten-free. (I didn’t know there even was gluten found in those offerings.) I asked Austin Baskett, Abba Pure Performance Hair Care’s chief marketing officer, how the company got started.

“Gluten is found in hair products because it provides protein, but as more consumers become increasingly mindful of the ingredients in the topical products they use, brands are finding themselves looking for alternatives,” he explained.