"Mirror Glaze" Skin Is My Newest Obsession: Here's What I Do to Get It



Do you think the above doughnuts look enticing? So do I. But more than wanting to eat them, I actually want to look like them. See, these doughnuts are topped with something called "mirror glaze," a gelatin mix that is poured over pastries and cakes to give them a finish so glossy and shiny that you could almost see your reflection in it, like the surface of a mirror.

I don't personally want to eat gelatin (vegan over here!), but "mirror glaze" is exactly the effect I desire when it comes to my skin. The beauty industry as a whole is moving away from matte finishes. As a response to all the setting powders and matte liquid lipsticks that dominated the market a few years ago, we've been moving into increasingly dewy territory. Celebrity makeup artists are denouncing foundations that conceal all forms of shininess, and brands are coming out with more and more lip glosses, face glosses, cheek glosses, eye glosses, and "demi-matte" face makeup. Maybe it's because matte skin has just become boring, or maybe it's because we think it's healthier to look like human beings who actually sweat and glisten in the sun than to look like robots who never go outside, but the point is "mirror glaze" skin is coming into style, and I'm so here for it.