This Sleeper Product Gave Me My Dream Summer Skin

In my teens, I'd reason with myself that SPF 8 sunscreen would provide both a decent amount of sun protection while allowing my skin to be veiled with the 1970s Farrah Faucet bronze of my dreams. The reality, though, was more like marginally darker skin and red, blistery burns that hurt to the touch. (Fun story: One time my face blistered so bad after a trip to a Long Island beach that the little girl at the camp I worked at told me she felt bad for me. Ah, out of the mouths of babes.)

That dose of unfiltered honesty was the kick in the pants I needed to stop sautéeing myself in dangerous rays (let's glide past the fact I also used to bake in tanning beds sans SPF for the sake of my own humility), and soon I became one of the biggest sunless tanner enthusiasts going. While I knew I wouldn't get a natural sun-kissed glow by sitting under an umbrella at the beach and piling on the SPF 50, I could still fake it with one of my favorite tinted mousses, lotions, or sprays. The only issue was sometimes I'd notice the sunless tanner and the gluey sunscreens would counteract each other and pill or cause splotchiness, so I prayed to the beauty gods that someone would formulate a bomb sunless tanner that also gave high-level, non-greasy sun protection. 

Serendipitously, right before my honeymoon in Italy and Portugal, Supergoop sent me a bag of goodies, one of which was Healthy Glow Sunless Tan, a carry-on-approved spray bottle of SPF 40 with a subtle tint built right in. I'm a huge fan of the brand's sheer Everyday Sunscreen, so I audibly gasped when I saw it had just about everything I could need for a European getaway.