14 Glow-Enhancing Potions To Try If You Hate Self-Tanner

I'm what some might consider a self-tan connoisseur and, if I'm being honest, a little bit of an addict—a sticky and dynamic dependency I describe in detail here. Thus, I won't drag you through the trenches (again) of my years upon years of stained sheets, clothes, and psyche. Instead, this post is an answer of sorts. After vowing to lessen a steadfast grip upon my stash of dark (and even ultra-dark) tanning elixirs earlier this year, I promised to do better when it came to embracing my natural pallor. Of course, as luck would have it, this commitment was bound right before summer, when I've historically felt the most temptation to apply my tanning tonics with little to no abandon. (For your information, I've always approached self-tanner with a Cady Heron–inspired, the-limit-does-not-exist philosophy.) But this year, I told myself, this year would be different. And so far, for the most part, it has been.

To be clear, I've still received a handful of complementary spray tans. (I mean, what kind of beauty editor would I be to decline such appointments?) And I have semi-guiltily negotiated my favorite self-tanners when there's a special occasion in question. However, I would say 80% of the time this spring and summer, I've just let my skin be. I do have a dirty little secret, though.

In lieu of my overwhelming collection of bronzers, I've cultivated an entirely new kind of product stash—one featuring gold-flecked body oils, rose quartz–infused illuminating potions, blueberry-spiked shimmer numbers, and so much more. Just because you don't like (or in my case, want to avoid) self-tanner, doesn't mean you must forsake gleaming skin. In fact, far from it. Case in point: the 14 glowy-skin elixirs below, which don't tint your skin (or at least not significantly) but do impart the most addicting of sheens. Keep scrolling for the ultimate list of glowy-skin products if you're not actually looking to bronze the heck out of your skin this summer.