Glow Recipe's New Product Features Banana Water—And It's Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Watch how it's made here.

Glow Recipe Banana Souffle Moisture Cream
​Glow Recipe

Glow Recipe launches have always been exciting—there's always a new ingredient, bright package, or innovative texture to work with. First, of course, came watermelon masks and moisturizers, blueberry cleansers, and avocado sleep treatments. Each one felt seemingly more delicious than the last. So, when the brand offered an exclusive look at their newest offering (the founders wouldn't say what it was until we arrived at the factory), we jumped. Or rather, hopped on a plane the first chance we got.

Once at the lab, Glow Recipe's co-founder, Sarah, took us through the intricate and fascinating way the formula is made and packaged. In fact, the sample I swatched on my skin was the only U.S. product at the time—that is, until the assembly line later than afternoon. Together, we went through every step from start to finish. And we shot a video so you can get in on the fun. Behold: Glow Recipe's Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream ($39).

If ever you've had Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding, you'll find immediate similarities in the smell and texture. It's a shocking comparison but one that made me fall even faster for the product. I certainly have a sweet tooth. See, banana helps your body and skin reset and rebalance. When you eat it, banana helps to calm nausea, and, topically, it works to nourish stressed skin and heal inflammation.

The texture is whipped—light but potent—and feels like a cooling, soothing dream once applied. It's tacky, but never sticky, and immediately upon opening the jar you can smell the sweet banana water. It's a treat for the senses (and the skin).

The concentrated blend of magnesium (balancing), hyaluronic acid (hydrating), chia seed extract (fatty acids), turmeric (antioxidants), centella asiatica (amino acids), and jojoba oil (more hydration) marks the brand's first take on sensitive skin. The product is meant to reduce redness, irritation, and any post-treatment sensitivity—which makes it perfect for my sad, dry winter face. It's bouncy, hydrating, and lovely. I smooth a (very) generous amount on my skin before bed and wake up thoroughly impressed each morning. You'll have to try it for yourself because, trust, you're going to love it too.

Glow Recipe Banana Souffle Moisture Cream
Glow Recipe Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream $39.00

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